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Suihua Zhaodong City: up county economic revitalization and development project "staff backbone" – Heilongjiang Channel – people.com.cn ice Rong Biotechnology Co. Ltd. the company as a reporter. A photo of Suihua in October 14, people.com.cn (radius) in recent years, Suihua city has made great achievements in the construction of industrial projects, "12th Five-Year" in Suihua during the city has started construction of more than 5 million yuan of industrial projects 2416, completed an investment of 170 billion 800 million yuan, 1585 projects completed and put into operation. Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size reached 366, an increase of more than 161 households in 2010. Led by the food industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other key industries with the characteristics of Suihua continue to grow and develop, and effectively promote the city’s economic and social development and upgrading. This group show project development figures show the glorious achievements of Suihua ningxinjuli on national investment in recent years. Mentioned China merchants have to mention Suihua, Zhaodong City, in recent years, Zhaodong attaches great importance to investment and project construction work, the investment on promoting the county’s economic development as an important support and a powerful engine. The staff show bred mushroom to reporters. A photo of Heilongjiang ice Rong Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is an enterprise located in Zhaodong City, the company is the Northeast’s largest, the province’s only factory production Mushroom enterprises, was founded in July 2013, the total construction area of 25000 square meters, a total investment of 120 million yuan in November 8, 2014, officially began production. Now the daily production of 40 thousand bags of bacteria, out of a total of 16 tons of mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, slices of 4 tons per day to achieve sales revenue of $164 thousand. Bacteria make package workshop, workers are in line. The radius of   the company by using the world’s most advanced mushroom factory equipment, do not use any pesticides and additives in the production process, process, strain, medium are in the same industry leading level, products are sold all over the country. According to the company’s production manager Li Shilong introduced, the project all up to 40 tons per day to produce finished mushrooms, sales revenue of $360 thousand per day, annual sales revenue of $120 million, profits and taxes of $30 million. Deep processing mushroom sprouts, mushrooms 10 tons, daily sales revenue of $100 thousand, annual sales income of 36 million yuan, profits and taxes of $12 million." The factory placed many bags. Fangyuan to build an industry, you can pull the economy. The production Park Settled in Zhaodong city and latifundio group, it is understood that the latifundio group is a collection of import and export trade, modern ecological agriculture and animal husbandry, food industrial park, agricultural tourism industry is one of the large-scale private enterprises. In 2009, latifundio Group invested 500 million yuan to build a food industrial park in Zhaodong Development Zone, the park covers an area of 137 thousand square meters, is now built in line with EU standards of modern cattle, sheep, deer, slaughtering, processing production line, built at the same time by the State Ministry of forestry approved only a design according to EU standards of deer slaughter the production line, with imported New Zealand mutton processing and slaughtering 10 thousand deer, 100 thousand cattle and 500 thousand sheep slaughter capacity, with an annual output of 100 thousand tons of meat)相关的主题文章: