Halo 5forge at the beginning of next month; landing pc– people.com.cn game roxane hayward

"Halo  5:Forge" at the beginning of next month; landing PC– people.com.cn game original title: "Halo 5:Forge" at the beginning of next month on the PC early in May this year, Microsoft announced that it would be named "Forge", "Halo 5:Guardians Edition" map editor Windows 10 introduced the online store, then people suspect that Forge should not be a simple the map editor, because this is pointless. Now Microsoft finally confirmed that the Windows version of Halo 5:Forge supports up to 16 people on the war, September 8th landing Windows store. Players can use the "Halo 5:Forge" to download the community to create their own maps and customize the game, the game is optimized for the mouse button operation and support 4K resolution. In addition, as previously predicted, EA will stay in the French army "battlefield 1" DLC quanqian lineup. As a war as the background of the shooting game, "battlefield 1" at the beginning of the listing contains only the British, American, Italy, Austria Turkey this, several factions, the most important method in the battle of France and was not mentioned. Now we know that the law is included in the party called "defend (They Shall Not Pass DLC)", appeared in March next year. The Russian DLC may after the French DLC market, date unknown. The "battlefield 1" season tickets will provide 16 new map list at the Origin store in EA, 20 new weapons, 14 kinds of tags and supplies package. (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: