Gypsum mine in Shandong, Pingyi, a major collapse 19 people were

Shandong Pingyi gypsum mine major collapse accident 19 people were punished – Beijing, China News Agency, Ji’nan, November 23 (reporter Liang?) 23 reporters from the Shandong Provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau, the Bureau recently released the 2015 in Pingyi County of Linyi City Wan Zhuang gypsum mining area "12? 25 investigation report" mining major collapse empty the 19 officers involved have been punished. The report shows that as of February 6, 2016, the accident caused 1 deaths, 13 people missing, the direct economic loss of 41 million 339 thousand yuan, a total of 19 officers involved by the appropriate punishment, Pingyi County Wan Zhuang mine gypsum mine Dutch act Ma Congbo died, the public security organ shall not be investigated for criminal responsibility of the. At 7:56 on December 25, 2015, the town of Pingyi County in the town of gypsum mining area occurred in the collapse of mined out area, involving 10000 dates in the region, Yu Rong, Paul three gypsum mine. When the accident occurred, Yu Rong coal mine under the operation of 29 miners trapped, there have been 15 people rescued wells. The survey found that the accident belongs to the million jujube gypsum mine long-term production integration of the gob roof caving gradually, thick overlying the limestone to form a large area of floating, reaches the limit span suddenly collapse formation of existing technology can not accurately predict the mine earthquake, and the adjacent Yu Rong gypsum mine collapse of large areas of production safety accidents. Reporters learned that Yu Rong trading company does not implement the goaf monitoring and control of main responsibility is the main reason for the accident, at the same time, Yu Rong gypsum mine adjacent to Mine Goaf Collapse Risk of lack of knowledge, prevention and control is not in place; the government and relevant departments to suspend production of mine goaf monitoring and management supervision is not in place, in a room and pillar mining of gypsum mine thick overlying limestone layer is a large area of fracture collapse hazard of the lack of knowledge, is an important cause of the accident. The general manager of Pingyi County Wan Zhuang gypsum mine, Wan Zhuang paste Industry Co., Congbo Ma December 28, 2015 to participate in the rescue Dutch act when Wells died, the public security organ shall not be investigated for criminal responsibility of the. Pingyi Yu Rong trading company executive director Yin Sheng and other 3 people suspected of major labor safety accident crime was Pingyi County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention, the case entered the stage of review and prosecution; Pingyi County Land Resources Bureau of geological environment monitoring station Xu Xiang Hing 2 people were dangzhengji sanctions, prosecutors alleged dereliction of duty to be held criminally responsible. Pingyi County, former county Party Secretary Feng Chengxiu, mayor Liu Chunbo, deputy mayor Feng Qingsong and other 14 people were dangzhengji disposition corresponding. At the same time, Pingyi County Yu Rong Trade Co., Ltd. impose a fine of 3 million yuan. February 3, 2016, has been in accordance with the provisions of the families of the victims and missing 14 miners signed a compensation agreement and payment of compensation, the aftermath of the end of the deal. December 25, 2015 the day of the accident, 11 miners have been rescued. Another 4 miners trapped in the mine after a period of 36 days, the success of a large diameter hole drilled through the ground, nearly a thousand people involved in the rescue to create the history of China’s first aid in the history of land drilling rescue miracle. (end)相关的主题文章: