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Business If your children are having difficulty studying at home, the TV, Xbox, or the Internet-capable PCs may not be the ones to blame. Children may have difficulty studying because they do not have a desk which is conducive for reviewing or studying. If you do not have a study room at home where kids can spend their time studying in .fort, why not install a loft bed in their room with a built-in desk? Most kids appreciate the privacy of their bedroom when doing their homework, and having a loft bed with desk may be the key to encourage your kids to study more. Here are a few tips on how you can build a great loft bed with desk that your kids would love. A Private, Quiet Workspace Children get easily distracted and it would serve them well if they have a private workspace where they can concentrate on their homework. Doing their homework in the living room may not be a good idea because of the numerous distractions in there: the TV, phone, chatting family members, etc. If your child wants to seek solace in his/her bedroom, then install a loft bed with a desk where he/she can study in silence and privacy. Installing a loft bed with desk is great because the makeover would help keep the floor space free even if a desk is installed into the bedroom. Plus, the new look of the bedroom will encourage your child to do better with his/her studies, because he/she would see that you are willing to spend on whatever he/she likes as long as she gets good grades. Add Lighting, Shelves, and Organizers When installing a loft bed with desk in your kid’s bedroom, make sure to add ample lighting, shelves, and organizers in the work space. The desk will be located under the bed, so the natural lighting or the light that .es from the ceiling may not reach the desk. To keep your kids from getting eyestrain, install lighting below the bed. You also have to install shelves and organizers to help keep your kid’s things neat and easy to find. A .mon problem with desks is it easily gets cluttered with things. Shelves and organizers will prevent this from happening and your kids will not be distracted by the messy work table in his/her bedroom. Install Interesting Features To keep your kids from feeling bored because of hours of study, you can install interesting features on the desk of his/her loft bed. Some parents install a whiteboard where kids can scribble their notes, drawings, or any other noteworthy ideas that they do not want to forget. Some parents even install an XOX mag.ic board in front of the desk. Surprise your child with this little addition and he/she would surely spend lots of time on that desk, and in the process encourage him/her to study more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: