Fuzzy Morning By Nitehowl-zhongguorentiyishu

Internet-and-Business-Online Fuzzy Morning As I woke this morning I seemed to have a Fuzzy Morning mentally. Last night there was hail and wind and the extra moisture made it feel even colder. The heater must have felt the same way as it ran most of last night. Perhaps this is why I woke to a dry throat and I also felt sluggish. Having no place I needed to be the only rush I felt was to get to the coffee pot. I poured myself a cup and made my way to the computer to see if I could become any wiser and enlightened this morning. What do you know, the high today is 63 degrees and sunny. Looks like a nice day on tap. I cleared my spam cache and went on to my email to see who has pinged my mail box. Looks like I heard from a couple of friends and one is local. After kicking some cob webs aside I responded to them as per their subject matters and went on to the Christmas Ads I knew was waiting for me. Some I open only so their mail responders will show their sent emails were opened. Makes them feel better. Time for another cup of coffee. When I return to this machine I was thinking about my day that I have no real plans for. I have a Christmas Reindeer to put the head back on and plug back in. I have the other Christmas lights to figure out why they went off last night during the hail storm. Perhaps I will be using that sunshine after all. For me this feels more like a lazy day and it could easily turn into one. Maybe I should get the leave blower out and grind up the last few leaves that have collected in a few nooks and crannies and finish those off my to do list. Come to think of it I have a yard guy that can deal with that. Maybe in the next hour or so I will build up enough steam to put the head back on the Christmas decoration and plug them back in. Yes that is what I will do. It will take only a few minutes then I do whatever comes to mind. It is nice to ease into the day everyday and not have to get excited about anything. It is nice to pick and choose exciting things to do not react to. You know everyone can have the same lifestyle if they want. I discovered it is what you do with your time that makes the difference. I used to fret about what it was the people who made a lot of money did that moved them ahead. Some worked 80 hours a week and sometimes more for the big money. My thinking was that was not the best trade. To trade that many hours for pretty good money and still have to worry about getting downsized or fired at the drop of a hat. Then I see people who seem to do nothing and make huge money. What were they doing for their money? Some were from old school money and were born into it. Their fortune was built by their forefathers. Some are from investments made at the right time. That would mean you have to have money first to make that happen. I kept thinking what is it the regular guy or gal can do? I am pretty sure everyone would like a shot at making really good money. For some people just another couple a hundred dollars a month would do it. Some want to quit their job and replace their income. Living modest about 5 to 6 thousand a month would do it. Some a little more would do it. It may well depend on what part of the country you live it that determines just how much is needed. I started looking years ago. I wanted to come off the road as I traveled ALL the time and was never home. I wanted to be home and to have one I could enjoy every day. Not long ago I found a way to ease into the morning everyday and not have to rush off to any job. I spend a few hours a day and I now enjoy a lifestyle much like the super rich but, I do not have to spend 80 hours a week to make it happen. I told this story of my Fuzzy Morning so I could give you an idea of what is possible. Anyone can do what I do. An Internet connection and a computer will do it. All you need to do is learn what I learned and you then choose how much you want to make. It is up to you. It might be a real good idea to go see what it is I am doing and see if you want to give it a shot and change your lifestyle as much or as little as you want. Click here and go see now! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: