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Expert: Korean maritime police to shelling my boat? Weigh China police strength – Shandong channel — original title: experts: Korean maritime police to shelling my boat? Weigh China police strength in the northern Pacific national border sector forum held in Vladivostok from August 1st to 6, Chinese police invited to participate in Vladivostok Chinese police showed a team full of vitality. The frequent conflicts between the South Korean coastguard and the so-called "illegal fishing" Chinese fishing boats, especially South Korea declared 7 days of China fishing boat sank a South Korean coast guard boats, the South Korean government announced on 11, in the South Korean coastguard when necessary for the implementation of China unarrest fishing shelling. According to South Korean media reports, in recent years, China ROK fishery conflicts, Korea maritime police seized over thousands of ships not only Chinese boats, also confiscated large fines, South Korean coastguard has relaxed with machine guns, rifles, grenade launchers and other weapons against Chinese fishing restrictions, South Korean coastguard ship to the bottom with what kind of weapons and equipment, so they have he claimed that the shelling of the fishing boat’s ability and confidence? South Korean coastguard ship armed with very high level because of poor performance in 2014 years was sinking, South Korean President Park Geun hye revoked independent maritime police agency, incorporated into the national security office under the marine police security department. Although the administrative status is "dwarf", but the South Korean coastguard strength has not decreased, especially in recent years, their intention to make the Chinese fishermen who. South Korea, "Asian economy" was immensely proud to claim that Inchon, South Korea, Mokpo, the three marine police department has become the three big giants in the Yellow Sea to intercept "Chinese illegal fishing". The August moratorium at the end of each year, according to the Chinese fishing concentrated heading "yellow croaker basin" known as "sea fishing", South Korean coastguard is staged all martial arts, "the West Sea (the Yellow Sea) into a real battlefield". According to South Korean media reports, South Korean coastguard equipped with more than 3000 ton patrol boats, with 20 and 40 mm cannon, also equipped with a 7.62 mm M60 K2 5.56 mm guns, rifles and other light weapons. The 1000 ton ship is equipped with 40 mm Bofors Swedish garrison cannon, 12.7 mm M2HB heavy machine gun. The most fierce fire is the 1005 South Korean coastguard ship, it is equipped with a 76 mm gun, a 40 mm Bofors gun and two 20 mm vulcan. For the automation of ship artillery garrison, South Korean coastguard has started 20 mm cannon replaced manual 40 mm automatic gun. Japan’s "world ship" has revealed that the early years, it seems that the South Korean maritime police office bureaucracy, coast guard ship equipped with a 20 mm cannon is not armed, even beyond the required law enforcement. But the last century after 90s, more voices that if the South Korean coastguard to garrison for North Korea to recognize the "northern limit line" adjacent waters, will inevitably encounter with North Korean gunboats or armed vessels, coupled with South Korea and Japan, there are also Chinese disputes in fishery, taking into account the Japanese ship MEPC Hall on 30-40 mm automatic fire cannon, a South Korean ship to fight with a 20 mm cannon, certainly very tragic fate. A retired South Korean coastguard said: "although equipped with artillery)相关的主题文章: