English teaching materials in Colleges and universities are accused of more than 80 Publishers widcomm

College English textbooks is refers to more than 80 wrong was pointed out under the frame of press: Beijing – in the book two wrong Legal Evening News (reporter Li Dong) recently, some people found that are selling English Textbooks "new types of College English level test" book (Second Edition) there are more than 80 mistakes. Including grammatical errors, printing errors, etc., but also the original material error. "Legal Evening News" (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter found the book in the Beijing Wangfujing bookstore, Beijing Forestry University library two bookstores have sales, but not with errata. Beijing Forestry University 2015-2016 school year as a textbook. The staff of the book publishing unit of Peking University press responded that, after verification, some errors can be confirmed, the book inventory has stopped, is ready to notify distributor of off the shelf. Public: English books error over 80 in September 20, 2016, found that people buy books in a bookstore in Beijing, "new types of College English level test" book (Second Edition) there are many errors, and many are "mistakes". The public told reporters, fourth pages have a word ‘You can to be generating, processing as as exchange information’, should be ‘exchanging’ well’. There are many errors in this book, it seems to belong to the printing error." However, there are some errors should not be printing errors, such as 161st page An refutes Lucy ‘s idea expert…. In this sentence, the ‘refutes’ should be’ doubts’ because, according to the context, experts are not convinced, but did not refute and refute, which are two different concepts." The public said. I am a professional English, the English teaching materials can not tolerate mistakes, because it may lead to students learning wrong. In addition to the error in the whole book, other errors exceed 80. And the book, the degree of difficulty is not a few words, beyond the six level, while the fourteenth unit exercise is the level of the junior middle school English lyrics." The public said. Teacher: but the school had to reflect no response law late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter survey found that the book editor in chief Shi Baohui, Zi Ying, as "three dimensional College English textbook series – network curriculum teaching material", there are still schools in class. A college English teacher, the book some of the questions, the important information appears wrong, students can not answer. The book appears many grammatical errors, lied, understand the error and so on. Some problem is "46 Zhenti", but in this book is wrong. The teacher had said the use of the textbook, the class, the students found the error to find the teacher exchange, but also the students did not find the root error, basically every lesson will be part of the time for students to solve the East相关的主题文章: