Electric toothbrush in the end is good, should not buy ricky lee neely

Electric toothbrush in the end is good, should not buy? Along with the people to the oral health attention, more and more people choose to use the electric toothbrush, although not every family use it to clean the oral hygiene, but with the development of science and technology will become an important part in the public health care products, but fresh technology will make people questioned, the electric toothbrush is good, since electric the advent of toothbrush is controversial. Instead of doing most of the number we also compared the traditional manual toothbrush, the toothbrush has a history of 2000 years, suddenly found it impossible to use oral health care, so many natural users remain skeptical, so many people still use the traditional Fang Shiqing clean teeth. 2 minutes a day, sooner or later each time, but every day to adhere to the most scientific way of brushing teeth, there will still be problems of oral diseases, in the end is why? To explore the mystery of consumers, try the electric toothbrush, the era of science and technology products, how convenient care dental health, what kind of charm to make so many consumers unable to stop. To tell the truth, in the price of an important consumer era, there is no "brushes", it is difficult to conquer the consumer. The electric toothbrush is how to conquer the consumer convenience practical experience is the reason to conquer a lot of users, the traditional toothbrush must be manually to clean the teeth, and the electric toothbrush regardless of rotation or vibration, is through the body of motor vibration so as to clean the teeth, can guarantee the tooth brushing effect while also taking into account the convenience. And now the toothbrush generally have the time to set the brush, to ensure that users can achieve the scientific brushing time, and no longer rely on the feeling of brushing. The thought of a manual toothbrush can vigorously teeth play a more effective cleaning, who can think of this is a source of damage gum, the use of ordinary toothbrush, use the strength of the control is not good, sometimes brushing intensity is too large, causing damage to the teeth and gums. The electric toothbrush can adjust according to the demand of strength, the gingivitis and gingival bleeding incidence decreased by 62%, so that brushing process is more safe and effective. No matter the size or intensity of manual brushing the length of time, most people don’t care for the phenomenon, it is difficult to clean. Most users only stay on the surface of the teeth, the teeth there are many blind spots, and electric toothbrush bristles on high-speed vibration, surface cleaning teeth can not only better, but also for the teeth can play a very good cleaning effect, long-term use can make your teeth more healthy. Say so many electric toothbrush benefits, manual toothbrush many users certainly not happy, is not so many years feel the teeth are white brush, this is actually an electric toothbrush compared to manual toothbrush advantage only, not a manual toothbrush must not be effective in cleaning, is compared, for manual toothbrush clean technique is difficult to master it, if mastered the skills, brushing time, deep clean toothbrush manual can do the same teeth. The frequency of vibration can be used as a reference but not the sole criterion for judging the quality of an electric toothbrush. So a lot of businesses in the parameters but foot.相关的主题文章: