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Software After approximately a year and half of declaring its objective to introduce its own OS, Google has finally turned its promise to reality after presenting its baby, Google Chrome OS. This new creation has been designed for laptop use. With its new technology, it’s no longer required to use a motherboard to support the operations instead it relies online. This effort is just part of Google’s strategy to win control of the technology era. If there’s one notable distinction of Google’s operating system that would be its dependence on the web connection as well as the absence of name brand software. Besides these points, Google Chrome OS has a centralized storage of applications and files so it may be accessed in different places. You will not see this new technology yet in stores; no operating system or the laptop that has it installed can be purchased anywhere; at least not yet. Make sure you pay attention to Google’s next announcements though. Nevertheless, you may get a bit of it through different versions offered on the internet. You may in fact download Google Chrome OS today. Just like any newbie in town, this new creation has faced criticisms. Maybe the public wants more informative details on how an operating system can rely on the web. How can we trust the world wide web to store important files such as documents and pictures? How will we gain access to my data files when we are in a remote location where web connection is not possible? Another crucial aspect that people are skeptical about is the compatibility. Since the new operating system will be using its own software, it might not have the ability to read many apps and files sent from Apple OS or Microsoft. These few things are regarded as the downside of this new operating system. Advanced web users are highly recommended to download Google OS and forward any glitches they may find. From Google’s stand point, nevertheless, this is most likely the tactic to rule the technological innovation era: that individuals divert their interests on all Google’s applications. This is not the very first time they are doing this; our interests have previously been diverted to Chrome and Gmail. In basic terms, Google has started ruling the web with it being the most widely used search engine. It was very successful indeed. So can this brand new Os fail? If you have not seen its functions and stuff, you’d better download Google Chrome OS right now and give it a try! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: