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Do not let disaster become a disaster (green focus, meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation observation) – social – People’s network of Jiangsu City, Ganyu, Lianyungang Experimental Primary School Students in disaster prevention and mitigation exercises. People’s Vision China is a country prone to natural disasters, but Chinese poverty alleviation fund survey report released shows that less than 4% of the city residents in their daily lives to do basic disaster preparedness. Public awareness and skills of disaster prevention, disaster prevention and mitigation system has become a weak link. For disaster prevention and mitigation, the public understanding of what errors? How to enhance public awareness and skills? A lot of serious lack of public awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation of rainy weather, a couple in the work in Luohanguo thunder, suddenly, the couple unfortunately died — this is happening in Guangxi Yongfu County real scene. In August 10th, Yang couple was hit by lightning accident killed their daughter in the film studio for the timely rain, lucky escape. The incident near the top of the hill, planting shelf pull wire, vulnerable to lightning. Local authorities have repeatedly not to take the village propaganda with wire rack. However, some of the villagers plan, their results will be in danger. There are many similar examples: Guangdong Guangzhou City, the 3 construction workers in the rain on the roof, suddenly struck by lightning, two workers were hit by lightning and died; the number of tourists to tour driving travel to Tibet, heavy rains triggered landslides, roads are cut off, but they hold fluky psychology, broke into the forbidden Road, wading across the river 3 washed away, 1 people were killed and two people missing…… Many public serious lack of awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation, disaster risk." Chinese meteorological publicity and Science Center Chief Engineer Wang Haibo said that the disaster comes, these people tend to become "vulnerable groups", self-help and mutual aid capabilities are scarce, can only hope to rescue. "There is a part of the public in the face of the disaster there is a fluke, feel a major disaster is a small probability event, feel ‘far away’." Wang Haibo said, for example, a number of local rivers long dry, there is no such thing as mountain flood disasters such as landslides, often there will be residents in the river next to the river or even build houses. Disaster, the results can be imagined. There are some of the public, especially young people, out of curiosity, love adventure and other reasons, contempt or underestimate the severity of meteorological disasters." Wang Haibo said, after lightning or rainstorm weather, that should not stay at the top of the mountain, some scenic managers and tourists are ignored, so the tourists lightning tragedy occurred. A survey shows that only 10% of respondents were concerned about the rural disaster knowledge Chinese Poverty Alleviation Fund released "Chinese public awareness of disaster prevention and disaster reduction knowledge based investigation report" shows that disaster prevention awareness is weak, lack of preparedness is a common problem, only less than 4% of the city residents in daily life to do basic disaster preparedness. Only 10% of the respondents were concerned about the rural disaster knowledge. This report shows that 95.5% of the city’s primary school universal disaster prevention and Mitigation Education, more than 80% of the respondents have primary disaster awareness相关的主题文章: