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Travel-and-Leisure Milan represents a unique amalgamation of contemporary lifestyles in the backdrop of some of the most amazing historic creations. It is among Italy’s most revered destinations with its ancient cathedrals that now border along stylish shopping boulevards and never-ending rows of rest-o-bars. Milan has many places that are worth a visit and some of the most prominent among them include: The Piazza del Duomo The Piazza Duomo actually represents a number of exotic structures that have been built near in its vicinity, including the Duomo (Milan’s main cathedral), the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II, the Museum of the Duomo and the Palazzo Real. Duomo The Duomo can be described as the best existing example of Gothic architecture that decorates and is very apparent in this huge cathedral. It has many spires and nearly three thousand smaller statues. A 14th century creation, it is now among the worlds’ biggest cathedrals and the interior of the Duomo is simply unbelievable where nearly twenty-five thousand people can fit-in during prayer services. It houses a small but rather exciting Treasury that has some rare samples of 14th and 15th century silverware. The Duomo Museum It is a bit difficult to be certain about gaining an entry in to the Museum because it is often closed for restoration. It has all the treasures that have been removed from the actual site (i.e. the Duomo) to ensure their conservation. Those who do gain an entry will be enthralled by the multitude of statutes and ancient paintings that are exhibited along side some rare samples of Roman metalwork. Galleria Vittorio The Galleria has now evolved into one of the finest of shopping malls in the nation. It is actually a never-ending arcade that houses many stores, mini-bars and restaurants. It presents a rare sight of modern-day establishments blended so beautifully within the confines of remarkable architectural styles. The cross-shape of the Galleria can be used as a way of walking over to the Duomo and visiting other smaller markets and sites that are found near the Piazza del Duomo. Palazzo Reale The Palazzo has had a turbulent past as it was raided and conquered by several conquerors up to the Second World War. Today, the Palazzo houses the Contemporary Art Museum which boasts of Milan’s most authentic arts & crafts pavilion and is a must-see for those who want to test their aesthetic sensibilities. You are almost assured of catching an art exhibition when visiting the Palazzo Reale. The exhibitions are held across the three, systematically-arranged floors, each pertaining to a particular artistic format. Things to Do Milan offers an amazing range of options that can be explored and the popular choices include visiting arts & music-based events, taking part in local gaming tournaments, indulging in religious festivities or seeking a night-out with some music & dancing. Discover Milan’s Cultural Heritage: Celebration of the Holy Nail It would be futile trying to get a sense a Milan’s rich heritage without being a part of the various religious celebrations that are hosted here. Scheduled at the Duomo, the Celebration of the Holy Nail witnesses Milan’s Archbishop giving a rare public appearance wherein he ascends towards Duomo’s ceiling to bring down the ancient relic that is located at the top of the Duomo. This is the most defining of many cultural festivals that are periodically celebrated in Milan. Folks believe that this relic belongs to a part of the configuration that was used to crucify Christ. Get a dose of the Best in European Symphony: June La Verdi’s Symphony It really doesn’t matter whether you are inclined towards music or not as far as the Verdi’s Symphony is concerned. This is among the world’s most reputed classical music event that is held every year at the Milan Auditorium. Among the popular recitations are .positions by Beethoven, Vivaldi and Mozart. This event starts out in September and carries on for many months together. If you want to make the La Verdi’s Symphony a part of your visit to Milan, it is re.mended to check-out the schedule of the performances and the availability of seats. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: