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Dante "password" details of brain burn Tom? Starring Hanks – Beijing, Beijing, October 30, by Ron? Directed by Howard, Tom Hanks, Felici’s?? Jones, Omar? Race starred in the 2016 annual burning brain adventure movie "Dante" password landing IMAX theater in 28 days. The film is full of Hollywood blockbuster texture and artistic temperament, the story burned brain. "Password" is the second "as Dante? The Finch code" and "angels and demons", Director Ron Howard and Tom Hanks?? third Robert? Landon story onto the big screen. The film tells the story of amnesia symbology professor Robert? Landon in female doctor Sinna’s help, trying to get rid of the enemy’s desperate to kill, looking for clues to the story. To the excitement of the audience, it was by Tom. Hanks’s Semiotics expert in IMAX format for the first time back to the audience, and "the Finch code" series of? The iron triangle — Oscar award winner Oscar Howard, Director Ron? Tom? Hanks and the original novel author Dan Brown will be together again, Dante? "The Divine Comedy" painted onto the big screen IMAX. Visual and auditory fusion of the right to the audience to burn the details of the brain, it is expected.相关的主题文章: