Crack Iit Having Stress Under Control.-shiyang

Reference-and-Education Looks like the time is .ing very fast where the dream of every engineering aspirant to crack IIT is going to be fulfilled.The scenario of this IIT JEE engineering exam is that the seats are limited and the IIT Aspirants who appear for it are Unlimited.The success rate of this crucial exam is heart breaking of 2% – 3%, which clearly means that not all can make it to the top.The other criteria that adds to it are the cut offs,eligibility, and the new exam patterns. Exam Anxiety, being nervous and extreme stress are the major problems faced by the students preparing for IIT JEE.The word stress creates a huge chaos in the minds of the students.The reasons for this to happen is any delay in the preparation schedule,inability to solve a problem or understand a chapter, or a few hours wasted that were meant for studying.These practices affect the study pattern and hence leads to bad results.Getting this sorted does not require you to be a super man or a super woman.Its all about Managing the more or less time that you have. Read on some ways to keep the exam stress under control – Be Organized : Know the time you are left with the portions to be .pleted. Have a perfectly balanced study plan.Do not have a pile of study materials.Have only a few that you trust upon and that which covers the entire IIT JEE Syllabus. – Get Real : Have a practically possible to follow type study plan.Not like the once you can only think of doing and end up not even .pleting half of it.Continuous study is not a good thing and is also not possible.Include good amount of breaks in the schedule that reduces ample amount of stress. – Think Positive : Take the new exam pattern for good.Do not blame the CBSE boards for it.Being positive has a way out for every problem. – Be Relaxed : Eat well, sleep well and exercise. Eat nutritious food i small portions that will not put you to sleep.Get enough sleep and exercise right to keep your mind fresh. – Have a strategy : Start your study day with an easy topic/chapter for an hour or so.Take up a difficult topic from here once you get charged for 2 to 3 hours with short breaks.Start solving problems and gradually increase the difficulty level of the problems you attempt to solve.Take a long break after this and start wit the new topic. – Do not have an overloaded study plan : Have a relaxed study plan. Do not have a cluttered time table with too many " To Do’s " in it. – Be Perfect : get perfect with the chapters that you study. Studying should be done with ultimate concentration not to have you back on the same topic again and again.Number of hours really does not matter when you study with .plete concentration and dedication. – Revision : The most important activity of JEE Preparation is revising what you have studied.Without this, it is very difficult to remember to recollect what you have studied.More you revise , more are the chances of you scoring good marks in the examination. – Past performance : Do not depend on them.Don’t lose heart seeing bad scores in your term exams or don’t be confident with the high scores in your school exams.This is not the real picture and is just an indicator. – Be well prepared : Do not create a situation that might put put you in trouble at the exam time. Be extra careful. Know the exam timings ,things you are supposed to carry and things you are not allowed to carry in the exam hall. Be prepared and confident to be the winner of your goal.Have a positive approach towards exams.Keep working till you ac.plish your dream IIT badge. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: