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Business Today development and growth is catching up in the blink of an eye, so are peoples standard of living. The developed nations, in South Asia even, the concept of the value of time is now clearer than in the monetary sense. Concierge services today is an business, service as well as new career. The concept of concierge is dated way back during the ancient times, where sometimes when you do not have time to do your chore you ask your peers or relations to do them for you. Today in this fast moving busy world, where almost everyone is busy in their personal issues and literally you have no one to ask to do your small errands or chores, thats where personal assistants or personalized concierge service providers enter your busy work life. Not only an individual can hire the concierge services, a whole group of people contributes and join in to utilize the customized concierge services at a lower cost. Lets take a small example of customized concierge service; A person having a question of any generic nature but do not have the time to research over it and find the question, the service providers will do it for you on best effort basis. There are concierge clubs where individuals need to join if they want to use the services. The registration fees of such clubs are so low that the services could only be offered on the best effort without guarantees and the actual reward for everyone lies in the network and most importantly the number of members of the club. It is not a very incredible idea to offer infrastructure intensive services like Medicine on Call, Discount on Medicine etc., Doctor on call, experts on call and "personalized Super delivery boy" wherein someone could fetch the office key to you if you forgot it at home, for a small or negotiable price. Mostly, the service providers are not anyone else but the members of the club themselves. And it is only by saving a lot more than what a member pays originally, that the worries are SOLD. Practically even, this has been a very successful concept in the developed nations because with a better understanding of the pooling system, everyone involved is rewarded mutually. Concierge services are the business and service for the modern times, with a vision of buying Worries and selling Time. People joining the concierge club contribute towards the pool and accordingly can have a share of such personalized services. Such pooling, club or membership system proves to be highly cost-effective and customizable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: