Class Action Lawsuits Combining Similar Legal Claims In A Common

Legal When there is a problem with a product, person, or company, and a lawsuit needs to be filed, sometimes a class action lawsuit can come into being. This occurs when there are many different people who suffer from the same injustice or injury due to the problematic party. When it comes to just who can file a class action lawsuit, it can be one person or it can be several. Often, a class action lawsuit is filed by an attorney after complaints are received from several people suffering from the same problem. Attorneys are often quick to recognize a case that can become a class action lawsuit, and after gaining more information, will seek out these other people to possibly bring them into the case. When this type of lawsuit is filed either by a single person or several persons, a lead plaintiff is often appointed by the court in order to act on the behalf of all the other people that may be involved with the case. The lead plaintiff can be a single person or a small group of people. The lead plaintiff is often the person or persons that began the lawsuit. Joining a lawsuit is not the same as filing for one. If you receive a notice in the mail informing you that you could be part of the suit, it is then up to you whether or not you want to join. If you do join, you could be entitled to the compensation that could be settled on, whether the parties decide to do so out of court or in court. Joining does not necessarily mean you will receive anything; the defendant may win over the plaintiffs. Generally, you should not have to pay anything unless you win, and much of the time the lawyers’ fees are removed from the settlement amount. If you think you may have reason to join a class action lawsuit, opt in or contact the attorney in charge of the current lawsuit that concerns the company or person. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: