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"Beautiful" Weiyang finale and diversity plot   Li Changle was executed   Li Weiyang into the final winner – Shandong Channel – Weiyang "" beautiful ending introduces the Yan state Princess Feng Xiner. Nature is innocent and lively, sometimes a little love be clever and sensible, practical joke. Overnight to change the country, a strange combination of circumstances become "Li Weiyang", an idea into the enemy house, shoulder Feng Xiner Guoqiu, Lee Weiyang home hate. Gifted her heart was full of hatred, personality has become more resolute, more careful. But even so, she still retains the nature of goodness and justice, Kindness and hatred are clearly distinguished. commitment. Only targeted her revenge plan, never hurt innocent. When the sword in her hand, she was aware of an inevitable process of the dynasty is the history of the development of personal enmity is not worth mentioning in the well-being of the people. Finally, she put down the hatred, aided Tuoba Jun to the throne, a generation after yin. "Beautiful" Weiyang Tuoba Jun Wei introduced into the role of the outcome. Sunny personality cheerful, humorous, fame, indifferent to the throne, full of feelings of family, man is compassionate and caring. Smart yet unassuming, quick witted but never overbearing, won the emperor tuobatao’s favorite, so also attracted other princes of fear. My mother is a princess, grandfather is a large number of princes. He grew up expecting to receive the best education. My father’s death was a great blow to him, but the mother imperial concubine always revealed ambition, let him to the throne at a distance, he was afraid because of the need to get the position, the mother of a progenitor into disaster. He is so far away from the center of power, indulge in landscape. At the same time he was a responsible member of the royal family, loyal-hearted, bold and crafty, dare to face the face of national crisis, he could face the enemy cavalry to fight. He is single-minded to the sentiment, once a person never give up love. And Lee Weiyang because of sexual gratification, across the two world Guoqiu, hesitant. Tuoba Jun with a sincere heart to forgive her, love her, to help her, because his unremittingly eventually moved Li Weiyang, Lee Weiyang get all sincere, frank. Can hit one after another, the death of Princess mother, beloved "betrayal", deceit and injury with loved ones, let him know to want to protect their loved ones, to achieve their ideal, can not easily retreat, not to bow only brave schemes and intrigues, overcome the sinister, in order to maintain the hearts of justice. Finally in the Lee Weiyang help, Tuoba Jun finally beat Tuoba Yu ascended to the throne, realize their aspirations. "Beautiful" Weiyang Tuoba Yu introduced the role of ending prince, the son of tuobatao. To the child suffered from childhood suffering and supercilious, develop his ruthless personality subtly malicious haggard. Since childhood, let him suffer from "claustrophobia", this is his secret, he was also regarded as the most dangerous weakness has been seeking healing method. His greatest dream since childhood is to ascend the throne of God, and trample all those who trample on him. For this he did bear weakness for twenty)相关的主题文章: