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In February 16th 16 traders are concerned about the news 月丘うさぎ

In February 16th 16 traders are concerned about stock market news center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 16, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that following the February 16th 16 global traders are concerned news Top 20, click on the data from the 16 ranked 16 on Peng Bo terminal traders. 1) late review: stock index rose six; foreign currency loans fall; the first quarter fund gold price fell 400 billion; oil price of 2) China January six drop in foreign currency loans of RMB devaluation of enterprise currency liabilities intensified 3) informed sources: Chinese consider reducing the bank bad debts provision coverage ratio 4) processing method Li Keqiang said regulators for stock and currency the city of abnormal fluctuations in the 5 problems) Macao gaming stocks is that? For the first time in three years rose above key level at this transfer signal 6) RMB overnight Hongkong interbank interest rates jumped to a 7 month high of CIC Securities: Yabang) Chinese debt default highlights low rating issue management liquidity weak 8): Nomura strong credit is not sufficient to offset overcapacity problems such as a quarter of the material drop 50 point 9) informed sources: the first quarter of this year China arrange special construction funds 400 billion yuan 10) economist Peng Bo: record China "good credit growth too far" 11) Spring Festival has been the central bank Chinese began to return the day before the injection of huge amounts of money 12) Shanghai record of more than two months the largest increase Chinese allegedly considered reduce the bank bad debt provision coverage ratio of 13) of CMB international Chinese: new loans sharply increased short-term positive A shares 14) offshore RMB forward exchange rate that confidence has been shaken 15 short) RMB a month to appear the biggest decline in market speculation that the central bank or the expansion of the RMB Chinese floating elasticity 16) domestic bond market and credit default China event list: "13 landscape MTN1" and "CP001" default 17) 15 aproud ANZ: material Chinese bank first quarter drop quasi 50 basis points into about 650 billion yuan to the market) 18 Gold: China loans Chonggao persistent worrying policy easing efforts will expect the stock since March 19) overweight Volkswagen intends to invest $4 billion 500 million to go to a China smell haze overtake GM analysis: 20) intervention in the yen? History shows that time is not up to the editor: Zhang Yujie SF107

2月16日16点交易员正关注要闻 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间16日彭博报道,以下为2月16日16点全球交易员正关注的要闻Top 20,排名来自于16日16点彭博终端交易员的点击数据。   1) 尾盘综述:沪指涨;外币贷款六连降;首季专项基金4000亿;金价跌 油价涨   2) 中国1月外币贷款六连降 人民币贬值中企业负债本币化加剧   3) 知情人士:中国考虑降低银行坏账拨备覆盖率   4) 李克强称监管机构针对股市和汇市异常波动的处理方法存在问题   5) 澳门博彩股否极泰来?三年来首次升破关键水平现转运信号   6) 人民币隔夜香港银行间同业拆息跳涨至一个月高点   7) 中投证券:中国亚邦债违约凸显中低评级发行人流动性管理能力脆弱   8) 野村:信贷强劲不足以抵消产能过剩等问题 一季度料降准50基点   9) 知情人士:中国今年第一季度安排专项建设基金4000亿元   10) 彭博经济学家:创纪录的中国信贷增幅“好得过头了”   11) 春节已过 中国央行开始回笼节前注入的巨额资金   12) 上证综指创逾两个月最大涨幅 据称中国考虑降低银行坏账拨备覆盖率   13) 招银国际:中国新增贷款大幅增长短期有利A股表现   14) 离岸人民币远期汇率显示空头信心已动摇   15) 人民币出现一个月来最大跌幅 市场猜测中国央行或扩大人民币浮动弹性   16) 中国境内债市违约及信用事件一览:”13山水MTN1”和”15亚邦CP001”违约   17) 澳新银行:料中国央行首季降准50个基点 给市场注入约6500亿元   18) 中金:中国贷款冲高持续性堪忧 预期货政放松力度将自3月后加码   19) 大众汽车拟在中国投资45亿美元 欲走出丑闻阴霾赶超通用汽车   20) 分析:在等日元干预?历史表明时候未到 责任编辑:张玉洁 SF107相关的主题文章:

Big data fraud analysis of financial investment income _ sina finance _

Big data analysis of financial investment | liar

return _ sina finance _ Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Big data fraud analysis year spent similar, each year is different. Every year’s school season, after experiencing the hustle and bustle of noise, will eventually be quiet. But, this year’s school season atmosphere exceptionally dignified, that one has not yet in full bloom of life, those should be in the ivory tower bloom of youth, just because of telecommunications fraud and forever freeze. Spate of fraud cases, again and again torture the soul of the Chinese people. Grief, perhaps to think from a deeper level, to improve everyone’s awareness of fraud prevention is the best way to comfort the dead. If the evil cannot be completely eradicated, so we need to have at least a pair of "piercing eye", in order to allow yourself to become more powerful. According to the "2016 China Telecom fraud form analysis report" released by 360 companies, said, in August 2016, 360 mobile guards for the national users to intercept all kinds of harassing phone 3 billion 430 million times, average intercept harassing phone calls about 111 million times a day. Among them, a total of 445 million times to intercept fraud telephone, accounting for 13% of the total number of harassing phone calls intercepted in the month, the average interception of fraud calls about 14 million 350 thousand times a day. In many fraud calls, false financial fraud most, accounting for 43.2%; followed by identity posing fraud, accounting for 25.2%. Beijing, Guangzhou and Hangzhou ranked the top three in 20 cities where the number of users who received the most telephone fraud was the highest in the country. The number of fraud calls received, the ability to identify naturally fraud will become stronger. Mobile phone users in Shanghai and Beijing only average about 18 seconds to see through a fraud call, the least time-consuming. Third of Hongkong users can see fraud calls in an average of 19 seconds. Mobile phone users in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hubei, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Jiangxi, Shaanxi and Fujian have an average of 20 seconds ~25 seconds to identify and hang a fraud call. And Western users are more likely to be fooled than eastern users. Fraud recognition ability showed a decreasing trend from southeast to northwest as a whole. In addition to the familiar false winning fraud, we also have several basic types, such as selling fake medical and health care products, charging preferential fraud, selling fake and shoddy goods, and promoting illegal business fraud. In the report issued by 360 companies, the fraud time was also statistically analyzed. The average working hours of ordinary people are Monday to Friday, but the working hours of cheats are Friday to Monday, that is, across two weeks. However, if the time is limited to the scope of the day, the liar’s work and rest time is the same as ordinary people. In addition, according to reports, the peak phone fraud is from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. is the lowest period of fraud phone calls, it is not difficult to understand, after all, liar is also a person, also need sleep rest. The so-called "one foot in mind, liar deception is a retrofit, but on

骗子的大数据分析|理财|投资|收益_新浪财经_新浪网 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   骗子的大数据分析   年年岁岁花相似,岁岁年年人不同。每年的开学季在经历轰轰烈烈的喧闹之后终究会归于平静。只不过,今年的开学季气氛格外的凝重,那一个个还未怒放的生命,那些本该在象牙塔里绽放的青春,仅仅因为电信诈骗而永远定格。接二连三出现的诈骗案件,一次又一次拷问着国人的灵魂。悲痛之余,或许从更深层面去思考,提高大家的防骗意识才是告慰逝者最好的方式。如果罪恶不能被彻底铲除,那么我们至少要拥有一双“火眼金睛”,才能让自己变得更加强大。   据360公司发布的《2016中国电信诈骗形式分析报告》称,2016年8月,360手机卫士共为全国用户拦截各类骚扰电话34.3亿次,平均每天拦截骚扰电话约1.11亿次。其中,共拦截诈骗电话4.45亿次,占到了当月骚扰电话拦截总量的13.0%,平均每天拦截诈骗电话约1435万次。   在众多的诈骗电话中,虚假的金融理财诈骗最多,占43.2%;其次是身份冒充诈骗,占25.2%。全国各地用户接到诈骗电话最多的20个城市中,北京、广州、杭州名列前三。   接到的诈骗电话多了,自然识别诈骗的能力就会变强。上海和北京的手机用户平均仅需18秒左右就能识破一个诈骗电话,所耗时间最少。排名第三的香港地区用户,能在平均19秒的时间里识破诈骗电话。江苏、广东、湖北、重庆、浙江、天津、江西、陕西和福建手机用户,识别并挂断一个诈骗电话平均需要20秒~25秒。而且西部地区用户比东部地区用户更容易上当。骗局识别能力整体呈现自东南至西北递减的趋势。   诈骗的手法除了我们熟悉的虚假中奖诈骗以外,还有推销假医药保健品、充值优惠诈骗、推销假冒伪劣商品、推销违法业务诈骗等几种基本类型。   在360公司发布的报告中,对诈骗时间也进行了统计分析。普通人主要工作时间是周一到周五,但骗子的工作时间却是周五到周一,也就是横跨两周之间。但是,如果把时间限定在一天的范围内考虑的话,骗子的作息时间就和普通人是一样的了。   另外据报告称,诈骗电话的高峰期是早上8点至11点,凌晨1点至5点是诈骗电话的低谷期,这点不难理解,毕竟,骗子也是人,也需要睡觉休息。   所谓“道高一尺魔高一丈”,骗子的行骗手法可谓是花样翻新,但是“再狡猾的狐狸也斗不过老猎手”,只要心中的警钟长鸣,时刻保持警惕,提高防骗意识,就一定会让诈骗分子没有用武之地。   遇到警方、老师、领导来电,一定要保持冷静,涉及钱财的,一定要电话核实身份及信息,切记不可碍于面子而对骗子“言听计从”,在核实身份之前,千万不要轻易汇款,对于来源不明、安全性未知的网址链接和二维码,不随意点击和扫码,避免遭遇钓鱼网站和有毒二维码。   切莫贪小便宜吃大亏。对涉及中奖的信息,一定不要动贪念。时刻提醒自己“天上没有免费的馅饼”,切莫贪小便宜吃大亏。   总之,凡事涉及“钱”的,不管是说要给你钱,还是让你把钱打过去,一定要三思、三思再三思,关于钱,再谨慎都不为过。(文 碧琪 图 网络供图) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Risk sentiment gold Senji swagger before others battle officially started diying

Risk sentiment " " gold; swagger before others battle officially started; Senji? FX168 news on Monday (February 22nd) at the beginning of the European market, spot gold fell, fell to $1206.40 an ounce, refresh intraday low, due to a stronger dollar and the stock market, but still support the above $1200 per ounce, due to financial market caution prompted investors to transfer funds to the gold fund. Since the end of the Lunar New Year holiday on Monday, the market has been dominated by China selling, that Chinese market is expected to price will not rise sharply, with China after new year’s demand will gradually weaken, can not expect Chinese factors to support the market. US dollar goes up against gold price. Last Friday, data showed that consumer prices rose faster in January, rising by nearly four and a half highs, supporting the dollar trend. In addition, Asian stock markets are also cautiously rising. Nevertheless, investors are still looking at the overall popularity of gold. Only last Friday, SPDR’s gold holdings increased by 19.33 tons to 732.96 tons, the highest in May 2015. The top eight gold ETF also showed similar inflow trends. Other data show that speculators also do more in the COMEX gold and options trading. Earlier this month, the price of gold climbed to a year high, as the stock market turmoil and investors worried about the global economy, but last week in the profits and the consolidation of the stock market hit the week down slightly. Gold has risen 15% this year, and is still one of the best performing assets. Investor optimism is very evident in the flow of funds: the world’s largest ETF –SPDR Gold Trust GLD on Friday, a single day capital inflows since the highest since August 2011. "ETF gold holdings increased to support gold prices rise at the same time, we see that some of the kinetic energy is TOCOM buying positions cut and recent Chinese selling offset," MKS Group trader Sam Laughlin said. (spot gold daily chart source: FX168 financial network) 16:30 Beijing time, spot gold reported $1207.37 ounce. Proof: go into Sina Finance shares

风险情绪"耀武扬威" 黄金千二保卫战正式打响?   FX168讯 周一(2月22日)欧市盘初,现货黄金走低,一度下跌至1206.40美元 盎司,刷新日内低位,因美元和股市走强,不过仍力撑在每盎司1200美元上方,缘于金融市场的谨慎情绪促使投资者将资金转入黄金基金。   自上周一结束农历新年假期之后,中国市场一直由卖盘主导,表明中国市场预期价格不会大幅上涨,随着中国新年后需求将逐渐减弱,不能指望中国因素支撑市场。   美元走升不利金价。上周五数据显示1月美国消费者物价上涨速度加快,升幅创下近四年半高位,支撑美元走势。此外亚洲股市也谨慎小升。   尽管如此,但投资者对黄金的人气依旧总体上看多。单单是上周五,SPDR的黄金持仓量就增加19.33吨至732.96吨,创下2015年5月来最高。前八大黄金ETF也呈现类似的流入趋势。另有数据显示,投机客也在COMEX期金和期权交易中做多。   本月稍早金价一度攀升至一年高点,因股市动荡和投资者担忧全球经济,但上周在获利了结和股市盘整的打击下周线小幅下跌。今年以来,黄金上涨15%,仍是表现最好的资产之一。   投资者的乐观情绪在资金流动中表现得非常明显:全球最大黄金上市交易基金(ETF)–SPDR Gold Trust GLD 上周五单日资金流入创2011年8月以来最高。   “ETF黄金持仓增加继续支撑金价走升,与此同时我们看到这其中的一部分买盘动能被TOCOM仓位削减和近期中国的卖盘所抵消,”MKS Group交易员Sam Laughlin说。   (现货黄金日线图 来源:FX168财经网)   北京时间16:30,现货黄金报1207.37美元 盎司。   校对: 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Jiujiang kills the police, the reward increases to 200 thousand, neighbor father and son is stabbed 乃々果花

The reward for killing police in Jiujiang increased to 200 thousand, while another neighbor was hurt by his father and son. The news report issued by the Jiujiang Public Security Bureau’s command center increased the reward to 200 thousand. Related reports: Jiujiang detention center police the streets were killed throat killer is still at large, reporter Zheng Zhouyun trainee reporter Huang Sinong reported: in October 29th, about 11:30, Jiangxi province Jiujiang Yongxiu County Detention Center police Huang Guifu to work through a supermarket door Tu Bu Zhen was killed. 29 late night, China Jiangxi network reporter obtained the latest news is that the suspect bear the world after committing the crime committed directly to the neighbor Xiong Zhongfang home, stabbed Xiong Zhongfang and his son Xiong Wen fled. At present, Yongxiu police are trying to hunt suspects, and reward reward from the original 50 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan. According to surveillance video China Jiangxi network show, the police Huang Guifu umbrella, hand carrying a barrel of oil is, walk along the street, a black man suspected of using the tool from the rear by Huang Guifu, stabbed at least 6 knife, causing Huang Guifu fell dead. It is understood that Xiong Yun had previously had a case of wounding, jailed several times, his wife ran away, leaving a more than 10 year old son. Usually only more than 60 years old father and stepmother living in the village, he himself almost never came back. Deng Shian, director of the village of Jianhua village where the suspect was located, told the Beijing News reporter who interviewed the incident. After attacking the police in the county seat, Xiong Yun had turned back from the village where the first incident was about 5 kilometers away from home. "Home looking for stepmother, he took a piece of clothes."." After holding a butcher knife into the previously had disputes of the neighbors, stabbed neighbors China and bear the bear. That night, the information issued by the Jiujiang Public Security Bureau Command Center also confirmed this matter: 11:55 October 29th, Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau once again received the alarm, in Yongxiu County Triangle Village Jianhua Village oil door, two people were stabbed. According to the preliminary investigation, the victim Xiong Zhongfang, Xiong Wen (father son relationship, bear the fate of the neighbors), identified as Xiong Yunshi stabbed. After asking the injured, there was no obvious contradiction. Two injured people are being treated in Yongxiu County People’s Hospital, one of them is seriously injured, and there is no life danger after treatment. After investigation, the suspect bear the world in September 19, 2003 because of robbery committed by the people’s Court of Yongxiu County sentenced to five years, in April 1, 2010 because of intentional injury was sentenced to six years imprisonment in Yongxiu County People’s court. It is understood that the deceased Huang Guifu Department of Yongxiu detention center police, did not serve as a bear in the detention center during the detention of direct police. This newspaper on the afternoon of 29, "Yongxiu reward 50 thousand yuan wanted murder suspect, fled riding Red Cross" Qianjiang "motorcycle" as the subject of the report, according to the latest news, this case of reward reward from 50 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan.   九江杀警案悬赏奖金增至20万 另有邻居父子被刺伤 九江市公安局指挥中心发布的消息 命案悬赏奖金增加至20万。 相关报道:九江一看守所警察当街遭割喉身亡 凶手仍在逃   记者郑周贇、见习记者黄思农报道:10月29日11时30分左右,江西省九江市永修县看守所民警黄桂富下班途经涂埠镇某超市门口时被人杀害。29日深夜,中国江西网记者得到的最新消息是,嫌犯熊运世作案后直奔邻居熊中芳家中,刺伤熊中芳及其儿子熊文后逃离。目前,永修警方正在全力追捕嫌犯,而悬赏奖金也由原来的5万元增至20万元。   根据中国江西网得到的监控视频显示,事发时民警黄桂富打着伞,手拎着一桶油,正在沿着马路前行,一黑衣男子疑使用刀具,从后侧突然袭击黄桂富,连捅至少6刀,致黄桂富倒地身亡。据了解,熊运世此前因伤人有过案底,数次入狱,期间妻子出走,留下一个十多岁的儿子。平时只有六十多岁的父亲和后妈在村里居住,自己本人几乎没有回来过。   嫌犯所在的三角乡建华村主任邓世安告诉采访此事的新京报记者,在县城内袭击民警后,熊运世在11时40分左右曾折返距离第一案发地约5公里外的村里,“回家找后妈拿了一件衣服。”此后持杀猪尖刀进入此前有过纠纷的邻居家中,捅伤邻居熊中方和熊文。   当晚,九江市公安局指挥中心发布的信息也证实此事:10月29日11时55分,永修县公安局再次接到报警,在永修县三角乡建华村油榨门口,有两人被刀捅伤。据初步调查,被害人熊中芳、熊文(父子关系,均系熊运世的邻居)确定为熊运世捅伤。经询问伤者,未发现其有明显矛盾。两名伤者正在永修县人民医院救治,其中一名伤情较重,经救治均无生命危险。   经查,犯罪嫌疑人熊运世2003年9月19日因犯抢劫罪被永修县人民法院判处有期徒刑五年,2010年4月1日因犯故意伤害罪被永修县人民法院判处有期徒刑六年。   据了解,死者黄桂富系永修县看守所民警,未曾担任熊运世在看守所拘押期间的直接管教民警。   本报29日下午曾以《永修悬赏5万元通缉杀人嫌犯逃跑时骑红色跨式“钱江”摩托》为题报道此事,据最新消息,这起案件的悬赏奖金由之前的5万元增加至20万元。  相关的主题文章:

Halo 5forge at the beginning of next month; landing pc– game roxane hayward

"Halo  5:Forge" at the beginning of next month; landing PC– game original title: "Halo 5:Forge" at the beginning of next month on the PC early in May this year, Microsoft announced that it would be named "Forge", "Halo 5:Guardians Edition" map editor Windows 10 introduced the online store, then people suspect that Forge should not be a simple the map editor, because this is pointless. Now Microsoft finally confirmed that the Windows version of Halo 5:Forge supports up to 16 people on the war, September 8th landing Windows store. Players can use the "Halo 5:Forge" to download the community to create their own maps and customize the game, the game is optimized for the mouse button operation and support 4K resolution. In addition, as previously predicted, EA will stay in the French army "battlefield 1" DLC quanqian lineup. As a war as the background of the shooting game, "battlefield 1" at the beginning of the listing contains only the British, American, Italy, Austria Turkey this, several factions, the most important method in the battle of France and was not mentioned. Now we know that the law is included in the party called "defend (They Shall Not Pass DLC)", appeared in March next year. The Russian DLC may after the French DLC market, date unknown. The "battlefield 1" season tickets will provide 16 new map list at the Origin store in EA, 20 new weapons, 14 kinds of tags and supplies package. (commissioning editor: Dong Sirui, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: