Are There Any Men Like This Still Out

UnCategorized He reached over and gently pulled me to his chest. One hand on the side of my head, the other around my waist. "I love you," he whispers into my ear. "I love you. How can I help you? What can I do?" I snuggled up into his neck as he bent down slightly so I could get close. "This is it", I said. "This is it. Hold me like this for just a little longer. Let me settle into you for a minute. Let me feel your arms, the weight of your arms, resting on me. I love how I feel when you and I have these moments. I feel loved and I feel like I want this more often." "Is there anything else you want me to know," he said gently, one finger absentmindedly running itself through my hair and down my cheek. "Yes," I say, "I appreciate you. I feel lucky that we are with each other. We have seen a challenge or two and we are doing ok." He tightened his grip and held me even more protectively. "No matter what, we are going to be fine." He whispered. "No matter what." Do you long for that kind of connection with your man? Were you drawn into the scene so deeply that you felt something in your belly tighten or upper chest start to ache? Tightness in the gut, an achy upper chest, pressure in the throat, these are all signs of a dip in personal magnetism. The distress you feel physically is your signal that you are out of balance somewhere in your romantic life. If it seems like the situation is pointing to the lack of a partner or the lack of loving gestures by a partner is the cause of the dis.fort, look again. The fact is that if our magnetism is low, we stop attracting all kinds of positivity into our experience and it is easy to fall into despair. So what can you do if you notice the pressure, tingling or warmth in your body? Here are three ways to instantly move you out of the frame of mind so your body can naturally release the dis.fort. Every time you feel the relief from these body feelings, your personal magnetism goes up. Law of Attraction promises that you then attract all the loving treatment you are dreaming of. 1. Go outside. I know, so simple it is ridiculous. Going outside and doing some stretches or better, taking a walk is the fastest most natural way to life your spirits. Just ten minutes makes a world of difference. 2. Call a friend. Tell your friend that you are a little blue and you wanted to cheer up so you called them. Resist the temptation to vent for a minute and ask a couple of questions and see what is going on for them. You will notice that you feel better right away when you engage in caring about some one else. Then re frame your experience with your friend. Be real about your feelings but don’t dwell on them. Get her support and then move on to another topic. 3. Soak in the tub. Run a fragrant bath and soak. Daydream as you relax. If feelings continue to .e forth, just lay your hand on your body and breathe, breathe, breathe. Your body is doing its best to help you get over the disappointments that are muffling your natural personal mag.ism. When you respond to your body in ever more conscious ways, you are well on your way to being IRRESISTIBLE! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: