Anti-aging Face Produces, Hype Or Hallelujah!

Womens-Issues Chances are you’ve seen the anti-aging skin care hype on TV, in newspapers, and on online, all trying to persuade you to try the latest and greatest topical facial creams. Most of these ads are geared to make you believe you can pretty much turn back the clock, and recapture your once youthful skin. But can any cream really do that? I must admit these ads make me very skeptical. And I am sure I am not alone? It may surprise you but many physicians are also skeptical, and profoundly question the claims and the promises the cosmetic .panies make. There is not a lot of scientific study data out there to prove the many claims made by the cosmetic .panies. So without actual published medical studies, to prove the cosmetic .panies claims, should we believe all the hype? There are of course within each cosmetic .pany experts that are involved in testing each product, so one may want to keep an open mind when deciding to buy any given product. The anti-aging treatment creams that are widely being touted today are creams that contain .pounds called pentapeptides. These are .pounds that contain small groups of long chain amino acids. These long chain amino acids act as chemical messengers to the skin, and other parts of the body. These particular peptides help the body repair itself by increasing cell production of collagen. Collagen is proven to plays an important role in skin aging. When you are a child and young adult your body has an abundance of these wonderful pentapeptides, that keep the production of collagen flowing. As you age, the river runs dry. Hence skin begins to age, and you lose elasticity, which also leads to wrinkles. The skin which is poorly nourished starts to thin, and dry. It is pretty conclusive that the new collagen building pentapeptides that are being used in many of today’s face creams show good results that aid in skin rejuvenation. Take the widely used Strivectin-SD. This cream was being manufactured as a cream that would help with stretch marks. It had wonderful results on this age old skin problem. So why not use it on the face? Low and behold, it showed to be very effective on the face, increasing skins elasticity, reducing wrinkles, and adding wonderful amounts of moisture to the facial skin. Ads for Strivectin-SD asks the question, "Isn’t this better than Botox?" A great many Strivectin-SD users say yes, and are paying $135.00 per 6 ounce tube. So if you’re not ready to pay $400.00 per Botox injection, give StrivectinSD a try. There are many popular creams and serums on the market today that posses the peptide technology. Such as Oil Of Olay’s Regenerist, Principal Secret’s Reclaim, and Avon’s Anew Clinical Line and Wrinkle Corrector (Price: $32 for 1 ounce), just to name a few. Most claiming that you can expect to see improvement in your skin after 12 weeks of use. Do pentapeptide .pounds help in the fight to rejuvenate facial skin as well as they do in wound healing? The cosmetic .panies would want us to believe they do. With as yet very little scientific data to rely on, it is hard to know if these miraculous little peptide collagen builders really keep their promises of delivering a more youthful skin. I love to try new products, and I never give up on hoping a given facial cream will give me the results I search for? Right now, Regenerist by Olay gets my vote. Regenerists anti-age fighting ingredient palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 seems to give great results. The price is right too! It can be purchase at any drug store for a mere $18.00 for 1.7 ounces. Do these peptide creams really deliver all they say they will? Ultimately ones own mirror holds the final answer to that question? Here are a few other great anti-aging products that have peptide .pounds in their ingredient. Wrinkle Contol Intensely Lifting Eye Gel with Revolox: Price $19.99 for 5 ounce. Hydroderm: Price: $79 for1 ounce (visit their website for free trial). Wrinkle Relax by Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula: Price: $75 for .5 ounce About the Author: 相关的主题文章: