Ang Lee film exposure ultimate notice 120 frames to let the audience feel – in the new network

Ang Lee film exposure ultimate notice 120 frames to let the audience feel – Beijing, Ang Lee’s "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" stills in new network on 2 November, the reporter was informed that the new director Ang Lee "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" will be fully released in the mainland in November 11th. Today, the ultimate exposure of the film notice, revealing more new lens, a comprehensive display of the growth of young soldiers Billy road. Ang Lee is a director in the film Chinese to interact with the audience, the audience will see the film for the first time China zhenrong. "Billy? Lynn’s midfield war" to use the latest technology to shoot format become the film’s biggest concern, but for most stories, most people will take the director Ang Lee, the content and the way of viewing is equally important, technology is always the story for the service means. As the director Ang Lee in the micro interview when interacting with friends, said: "120 of the screen frame is a very subjective intervention on the plot, pay more attention to starting from the protagonist’s eyes than the ordinary picture, and reach the realm of empathy ‘role." On the story, the role of the audience in the incarnation, the direct experience of the role of emotion. Ang Lee achieved a new transcendence of the film performance, to achieve "experience oriented film", "participatory"". It is reported that in before the release of a film, Ang Lee will bring Joe? Alvin, Li Chun and other creative campaign for the film to China. From November 3rd to 8, Ang Lee will be moved to Taipei, Beijing and Shanghai three, and the audience face-to-face interaction, Chinese audience will also be the first time to see the 120 frame movie version of the truth. The film is directed by Ang Lee since 2012, "life of Pi" after regression separated for four years in the making, coincidentally, four years ago the young pie "was released in November. Unlike four years ago, this year’s November strong film gathered, known as the hottest in the history of November, when the audience will be able to work together with director Ang Lee, witnessed the future movie".相关的主题文章: