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Health The cases of malnourished and ill treated residents of some aged care nursing homes Australia have earned ire from authorities, aged care providers and of course the general public. The recent reports of ill treatment of residents at the hands of aged care staff has stirred the nation and has necessitated a complete revamp of systems. Aged care centres need to be more responsible, humane, and proactive in designing their systems, so that they are able to deliver best possible care to the residents and ensure their safety and well being. Lack of experienced and trained staff cannot be solely held responsible for the entire lapse on the part of aged care nursing homes, the problem goes much beyond, and the solution lies within the industry. At this point, it is important that the aged care nursing service providers closely study the industry best practices and try to build on them. They need to understand a simple fact that they need to provide nurturance and a decent lifestyle to the residents and not just food and shelter. Aged care facility should be such that the residents can lead their lives comfortably without feeling confined and trapped in four walls of the nursing home. It is especially important for aged care nursing homes Australia that have Dementia and Alzheimers Care Facility. They need to ensure that the residents feel free, comfortable, and safe inside the nursing home. The recent reports of malnourishment in aged care residents have shed light on the poor nutrition that the residents get. Not only the report by ABCs lateline, but several other studies including one by University of Canberra has highlighted these issues. This means, every aged care facility needs to overhaul its diet plans and the way they cook and serve food to the residents. We know there is nothing as good as home food, but nursing homes should strive to ensure that residents get food, which is wholesome, fresh, and tastes home like. Aged care nursing homes should be prepared for round the clock medical care. As most of the residents are frail, ill and require advanced health care, every aged care facility Australia should have an on call doctor and trained nurses. Recreation is also important for the well being of residents. So, aged care nursing homes should plan activities that all the residents can enjoy. Kankinya takes pride in calling itself an aged care facility that offers a role model for other aged care nursing homes to follow. At Kankinya, the residents live a comfortable, healthy and fun filled life in the company of their age mates and under the care and guardianship of our well qualified staff. Our homecare facility in Canberra has been architecturally designed and constructed to ensure that our residents, consisting mostly of those suffering from varying degrees of Alzheimers or Dementia, are able to wander freely around the facility. Of all the aged care nursing facilities in Canberra, we are the only recognised and designated facility specialising in advanced dementia management. Kankinya offers a safe and caring environment to its residents and caters to the needs of a wide range of elderly residents. While our location is convenient to most aspects of Canberra life, but sometimes convenience is not all that you need. We always ask our prospective families as to what exactly they require for their parent or partner and the usual answer is, We want them to be happy and safe and this is the motto that guides us at our aged care facility in Canberra. We are proud of the fact that we are the providers of best Dementia care in Canberra. Besides being the leaders in aged care and dementia management, we also take pride in being the safest facility in ACT. We comply with all the Nursing Home safety standards to ensure the safety of our residents. We have a 9C Fire Safety Compliance which includes state of the art fire detection systems and sprinklers throughout. We understand that elderly have a right to a good quality of life and freedom, and we have designed our facilities keeping this in mind. Unlike all other Aged care facilities in Canberra, we do not have our residents locked away in so called secure areas that are hidden from the general public. Our residents enjoy highest degree of freedom within the safety of our facility, which provides a highest possible quality of life to our reside. To know more please visit us at: .kankinya…au/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: