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Motorcycles True to their name, Mini dirt bikes are miniature dirt bikes that have less power and are a lot smaller than standard dirt bikes. They are perfect for the amateur Motocrosser and are quite popular with young children and beginners. Mini dirt bikes typically contain a 47cc 2-stroke engine and they are built to carry much less weight approximately ten stone only. Mini dirt motorcycles or bikes can carry only 1 liter petrol and have a much smaller petrol tank. The seat height is also less as these are placed about 500mm-600mm off the ground. Thus, it is obvious that mini sport bikes have less power. Due to all these factors, they cost much lesser than standard dirt bicycles, which is why parents love to buy these for their kids. Although mini dirt bikes are smaller than their burly big brothers, they have powerful shock suspension and brakes. Despite their small frame and their inferior engine power, they can still take the rider to an impressive 70kph speed at full throttle. Therefore, these bikes are not toys. They offer riders a serious and fun-filled riding experience if they are driven with care and caution. Typically, mini dirt motorcycles could cost anywhere between $300-$600 depending on the make, brand and features of the bike. However, when calculating expenses, it is necessary to factor in the cost of protective clothing, strong helmet and shoes. These are absolutely necessary for anybody using the mini sport bike. The cost of these accessories varies with the brand. Mini dirt bikes require regular maintenance if they are to offer quality services for long periods of time. Some of the most important aspects of maintaining mini sport bikes include: Changing engine oil regularly (once in four rides) Replace brake fluid once in 8-12 months Parents of young children often want to know whether mini sport bikes are safe for their kids. This is hard to say. Mini dirt bicycles are built for people who want to enjoy the sport bike experience but cannot handle the powerful sport bike. So, yes, children should be safe on them. But as is the case with motored engines of any kind, the element of risk is always there. Much depends on the safety standards of the driver and the precautions taken at the time of riding. Preteens can safely use mini dirt bikes if they take the following precautions: A safety suit must be worn at all times 相关的主题文章: