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Motivation Creating opportunities is something that almost all of the highly successful people have mastered. Donald Trump is an example that I personally draw on of someone who overcame what some may see as the harshest of financial and personal circumstances. He is a master at creating opportunities. His bankruptcies and marriage issues are well-known. We all know he has also bounced back quite nicely. A lesser known fact may be his willingness to jump into almost any venture. One case in point is when he decided to make his own line of furniture, lighting, and accessories to put in his own hotels. Why should he be paying a company to furnish his hotels when he can be making that money? After all the furniture was in place, he realized that he would need linens for the beds. So he branded his own line of bed linens. That, my friend, is Trump creating opportunities for passive income. Benjamin Franklin is another master of creating opportunities. He is known for saying, To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions. Mr. Franklin’s inspirations came from his every day life. He realized, on a very hot day, that when he put on a wet shirt in a breeze, he was cooler than if he put on a dry shirt. He started conducting experiments with heat and evaporation and wound up with the concept of refrigeration. I’m sure you know about how he used the thunder and lightning storm to test out his theory of electricity. Talk about someone creating opportunities. I would imagine that when Benjamin Franklin was alive, he wasn’t thinking that he was this great mind who was going to go down in history for all the incredible things he did and accomplished. He probably felt like the crazy guy going out in the storm with a kite and a key. Maybe he even hoped his neighbors weren’t watching out the window. No one, in the moment it is happening, realizes their own greatness. I think both of us can look back on our own lives and see something we did that is considered great by others. We can also see that as we were doing it, we did not feel great, or realize that we were doing something or being great. We were just doing what we were feeling inspired to do. Bruce Lee said, To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities. Today I suggest we all take a risk. Be brave. Do something we have been feeling led to do. Have you been wanting to start that book? How about opening that small business? I know someone likes your cakes and you have thought about selling them. Make that call. Write that letter. Have that conversation. If you do not yet have a plan, simply open yourself up to the concept of creating opportunities. Sometimes all it takes is making up your mind that you are ready to allow yourself to take that chance. Once you make up your mind, the Universe kicks into gear and starts moving on your behalf. Try it. Say YES! to the universe and to yourself. Have fun creating opportunities and enjoy the ride. About the Author: There are numerous psychics to choose from on the internet but you want one that brings authentic and accurate answers. Over 2 decades of experience and 10,000+ reviews show that Elizabeth Holloway is that psychic. Discover what a psychic reading can do for you when life’s demanding challenges come knocking at your door. Take advantage of a new client program by going here right now.accuratepsychicreadingsnow… Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: