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This cleaning tips 99% people do not know [Chu Home Furnishing] review each clean-up are powerless? Health corner completely unable to start soon? Look at what the idea makes you fall in love. Learn to learn quickly…… Sweep the floor with a broom, if you worry about dust flying, you might as well wet the newspaper, torn into pieces and scattered in the ground. As the wet newspaper can be attached to dust, it can easily sweep the floor. If the floor is dirty, you can wipe with a wet rag, then dry clean rags. Paste type hook although very convenient, but when it comes to demolition, but the trouble. At this time, as long as the cotton dipped in vinegar shop on the hook around the gap in vinegar water seeping into the stick, a few minutes later, can use flat head screwdriver remove easily hook. The residual adhesive also can use vinegar wipe clean. Due to nicotine and yellow curtains, lost to the washing machine cleaning, there is often no problem how to wash clean, at this time, salt can be used. As long as the curtain is immersed in the washing machine to add half a cup of salt, put in a day after washing powder, the curtain will be able to restore white, the whole room will feel more relaxed. There is a circle of stains sometimes on the table, as long as a little salt, and then drop some salad oil, can brush clean. Gasoline or turpentine can be removed, but to avoid the desktop paint is best to use salt to wipe, really can not be removed, and then use the cleaning agent. The ceramic or enamel wares that have been soaked in tea often deposit a layer of brown dirt, which is hard to wash. If you use muslin, dipped in a small amount of toothpaste, gently scrub, can quickly clean, and will not damage the ceramic surface. The wall of the kitchen is often attached to smoke and become sticky, as long as the soft part of the bread can be erased, easy. Old socks on the hands of the furniture, easy to use, easy dust removal. Cracks in floor or wood furniture. The old newspaper can be cut into pieces, adding proper amount of alum, with water or soup boiled into a paste, with a knife to smooth and embedded cracks, and it dries very firmly, and then painted the same color, the furniture can restore. Wipe the glass doors and windows, can put the onion peeled cut into two halves, friction glass with the incision, while the onion juice still wet, then quickly wipe with dry cloth, wipe the glass so clean and bright. The doors and windows, white sheets, available rice water immersion rinse has obvious cleaning decontamination and whitening effect. A soft cloth soaked in cold water, tea, use it to scrub furniture, can make furniture bright. White furniture surface stains. The home of white furniture easily soiled cloth, only to wipe dirty, it might be toothpaste squeezed in a clean cloth, just gently rub marks on the furniture will be removed. But be careful not to force too much, so as not to hurt the paint. Wood furniture surface hot marks. If the hot cup dish placed directly on the furniture, the paint will often stay hot lap mark. Can use cloth dipped in alcohol, toilet water, iodine or tea, wipe gently on very hot mark; or burn marks on the coated with a layer of Vaseline, wiping cloth and then every two days, the burn marks can be eliminated. Various containers of oil can be used first!相关的主题文章: