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.munications Globalization has lead to the need of having an effective .munication tool through which, business entities can easily convey their message to their different offices across the world. The advent of new tools and technologies, such as corporate conferencing solutionshas made .munication easy and affordable. Two of the most popular corporate conferencing solutions are webinar and webcast.Through these .munication tools you can conduct meetings, seminars,workshops and others like marketing your products. Both are an effective way of .munication, as you not only will save on money and time but also be able to reach out to a wider audience, thereby increasing the exposure for your business. Webcast is similar to broadcasting on radio or television with the only difference being,the medium. Through Webcast you can broadcast your products to a wider audience across the world hence enabling better business prospects. You can also improve investor relations through webcastby making use of it, for sharing quarterly corporate earnings and other business details with all the investors. These investors can be located in different parts of the world but you can use a webcast to quickly and easily convey these figures as well as other data to all of them at the same time. On the other hand, a webinar is quite similar to a webcast but with the additional benefit of being interactive. The feature of interactivity is the key distinction between webcast and webinar. The former being a one-way .munication and the latter is a two-way .munication where .munication is more effective. As a host you can interact with the participants and conduct various activities like having a Q & A session, conduct a session on training, feedback, brainstorming for generation of new ideas and many other similar tasks; all from the .fort of your office. A webinar provides .plete corporate conferencing solutions as it can be used for conducting meetings, seminars, workshops as well as training. In order to resort to conference calling it is important to intelligently select the right conferencing solutions provider amongst the many .panies offering corporate conferencing solutions. You must always select a .pany which has market credibility and reliability, known for offering flawless conferencing solutions. In .parison to traditional meetings, both, webcasts and webinars save time and money and are powerful .munication tools. In a nutshell, these corporate conferencing solutions offer excellent collaboration services enabling better return on investment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: