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UnCategorized If you have an item to sell or you are a business that has a service that they want to sell, one of the best places to post free ads is on a free classifieds site. These sites come by a dime a dozen, you can ultimately end up finding millions if not billions of sites online that has classified ads. These ads utilize a few aspects in order to let you post the ads and get people interested enough to reply to your ads. The classified ad industry has become one of the more popular FREE ways to advertise. Its super easy. It can end up reaching people you never thought possible. And it’s very convenient. The only thing you need is your product or service, your spiel that you want to say to people, and a website that has ad posting capabilities. Depending on the site you choose, you might have one or two or ten or eleven ways to make your ad more prominent. Some of the sites will make you register – the reasoning behind this is merely for your benefit so that you can keep track of your ads and know when they are deleted or expired. Your ad doesn’t need to be super-detailed, just a few words about the product or service could really end up catching peoples attention and make them want to email you! A lot of the sites online will have an anonymous email option. This is really nice for those of you that do not want to receive spam from people because a lot of tools these days can "harvest" emails and send them spam. When you have an anonymous email address this happens less and less. Also, if you join a site to post free ads, they will probably have a spam system put in to place so that people cannot reply to your email with a spam message. They do this by labeling certain keywords as known spam words or by blacklisting IPs that have TRIED to spam on the website before. You can post all kinds of items and services on these free classifieds. Some of the topics that might interest you are; For Sale, Jobs, personals, Real Estate, Services, and Miscellaneous just to name a few and since these are free sites you can post as many ads as you want as long as they are not identical. The free sites definitely outweigh the paid sites as far as benefits go! Some sites might even allow html codes which means you could generate an ad using an ad generator and copy/paste the code into the ad to really make YOUR ad unique amongst all the other plain ads. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: