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Home-Improvement This article aims to present you top 10 tips to buy perfect engagement ring for your loved one. Engagement rings can be bought from nearby jewelry stores, but people often get to see limited variety of jewelry there which may end up in buying not-so-perfect ring. Therefore online resources are re.mended for engagement ring shopping. Lets throw some light on some of the tips which will lead to perfect engagement ring shopping: Know your budget- Knowing your budget is very important. This will help you is visualizing only those rings which .e within your budget. Although there is no role of money in expressing your love for your woman but still an individual has to take care of the capital. You can manage the budget by keeping aside your two months salary or keeping some incentive in your mind to raise the budget a little more. Pay attention- You should pay attention while buying engagement ring. Loot what your sweetheart wears on a daily basis and try to find out her choice and preference of the type of metal she prefers. You can choose gold, diamond, solitaire or platinum for the love of your life. Choose stunning stone- Online shops give you an opportunity to glance at several stones available to make a stunning engagement ring. Sometimes your sweetheart may like to wear colorful stones. So buying similar stone will help in making her glad and joyful. You should keep in mind the 4 Cs of diamond buying which determines the quality of the diamond. Usually people having money dont consider this fact and end up in buying inferior quality stones. Choose the setting- Selecting the setting for the ring is really important. You can choose among gold, platinum or titanium depending upon your womans choice. Get a Buddy- It will be really helpful to you if you take along your sweethearts friend or relative with you to tell you about her taste and preference. Further that person can try the jewelry to give you a fair idea about its appearance and look. If you can take your sweetheart with you then it would be really great as she herself can choose and select the perfect engagement ring. Validate online shop- One should not shop from any online shop. In stead before buying engagement rings from any .pany, you should first validate the credibility and authenticity of the .pany. This is important because there are few .panies which try to rip off the money of consumers by giving them inferior jewelry. So follow these tips to buy a dazzling engagement ring for your sweetheart and make that moment unf.ettable in your life. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: