Guide To … Vietnam Events-小坂めぐる

Travel-and-Leisure Vietnam, a densely populated nation in the Far East, puts emphasis in showcasing native talent and culture through and through festival celebrations. Events in Vietnam that attract visitors from all over the world include the Bac Ha Market, the Dong Da Festival and the Human Chess Binh Dinh. in 2010, Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is one of the Top Destinations of the world, corresponding to the Frommers travel guide. This is not surprising, considering that Hanoi is celebrating is 1000th year of existence. After a millennium full of history and progress, the city is ready, more than ever, to get the world witness its magnificent celebrations, entitled 1000 Years of Thang Long-Hanoi. For travellers and tourists, now is the time to get that plane ticket and enjoy the sights, sounds, and events Vietnam has to offering. Hanois 1000th year celebrations started on October 1 this year, by a ceremonial at the Ly Thai Ho Garden. In this event, the UNESCO General Director Irina Bokova granted a certification which realized the Than Long Royal Citadel as one of the World Cultural Heritage sites. Other events in Vietnam which were celebrated include the opening of the Hanoi Picture exhibition, release of the Thang Long Hanoi history/documentary film, opening of the Capital Cup, Flying Kites Fete, Carnival of Artist Troupes, Theatre Festival, International Art Festival and Dragon Dance Fete. On October 10, a grand meeting and a huge parade occurred at Ba Dinh Square, which was attended by the top officials of the governance, embassador, and representatives from international states, nation heroes and veterans and around 40,000 people. The highlighting was on the achievements of Hanoi and its people during its thousand-year history. In Hanoi, the Tourist Information Centre provides informative English advice and limited free inter.. The Hanoi citizens understand the importance of tourism and are friendly to strangers. When visitors go there during spring, they can participate in the Tet Holiday, which is held during the Lunar New Years Eve. Summer is not friendly to tourists, because the high temperature is quite intolerable and mosquitoes proliferate. Hanois autumn is very unique. It is less wet and colder and one can discover the flowering of the Hoa Sua, a tree which only blooms during this season. There are plenty of places people can visit in Vietnam. Aside from the Thang Long Royal Citadel and the Ly Thai To garden, the place has plenty of museums, temples, and marketplaces. It is easily to get to the Ho Chi Minh Museum and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and visit the One-Pillar Pagoda on the side. The distinctly military history of the city is reflected by a lot of sites devoted to showcasing military pieces, as exemplified by the Fine Arts Museum and the Air Force Museum and Army Museum. Portraying of the Vietnam events had to go through when it struggled against the French and the Americans can be seen at the Museum of Vietnamese Revolution while the culture and rituals of the whole Vietnam are exhibited at the Museum of Ethnology. Hanoi has various scenic views including the Guom Lake, the Ho Tay- West Lake and the Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic along the Red River, where visitors can go for relaxation and photo shooting. Indeed, no one is going to be bored while traveling to Vietnam. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: