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Advertising More Ways to Love Color 2,500 brochures 8.5 x 11 Who hasnt seen a brochure? .panies use them all the time to advertise a new product or service. Malls have them on racks where people can get one if they want to know which items are on sale. Even university colleges use them to give information on the courses they offer for in.ing freshmen. Because brochuresor pamphlets, and leafletsare handy, .panies have used it for marketing for decades. But dont let your beautiful 2,500 brochures 8.5 x 11 be limited to whats new on aisle 11; theres so many ways to use a brochure design! Greeting Cards Something that ac.panies every bouquet, every box of chocolates, every scented candle, is a greeting card. Its the go-to gift for last-minute efforts of forgetful persons. Surely, the person receiving the card will appreciate the effort you took going to a bookstore and grabbing the first card on the Birthdays section. Why not personalize it a bit? Your loved one will greatly appreciateand even enjoyyour card if you do. Conventional one-fold cards are very lacking in enthusiasm and creativity. Using the brochure classical designs of tri-fold or z-fold, you can create a greeting card thats unlike any other. Put pictures of the person who will receive the card and add a few words to describe them. You can also write about how the two of you met and became inseparable. You can even jazz it up even more by adding decorative cutouts, glitter or flat beads. As a final touch, you can spritz the brochure-greeting cards with the recipients favorite perfume. Mini Photo Display Do you have a photo of yours that you would just love to display on your counter or mantelpiece? Or maybe you have a lot of photos you would love to display? You can showcase them as a brochure! 2,500 brochures 8.5 x 11 .e in all sizes, so you can get one thats bigger than the average American letter size. Select the photos you would like to display, think of a few words to describe the photo, or maybe a wacky anecdote or two, and then have them printed on a z-fold brochure. Each panel could house a photo and a write-up; and the best part is you can have both sides printed for more pictures to display! Have your brochure photo albums printed on a thicker sheet of paper or Bristol board, open up the accordion a bit and stand your photos on a coffee table, shelf or .puter counter. The best part is that you can even bring the photos to work, as they close onto a .pact z-fold brochure unlike some photos with big bulky frames. . There are so many more ways to incorporate them into fun little projects. Though brochures were originally meant to promote a .pany or product and service, they have evolved into something more unique. Innovating and recreating it into artistic ideas can also promote other thingsgenuine love, concern, and ingenuity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: