After a lapse of five years, Sichuan will build a provincial city commercial bank 乃々果花

After a lapse of five years, Sichuan will build a provincial city firm Ma Chuanmao tabulation officers drawing again after a lapse of five years, Sichuan set up a provincial city commercial bank. Sichuan provincial government website yesterday that will promote the development of Sichuan (Holdings) limited liability company established financial holding company and the Bank of Sichuan, has now entered the executive meeting of the provincial government on stage, and get through the principle. In fact, as early as in 2011, Sichuan province had been brewing for 11 Sichuan city commercial banks restructuring in addition to the Bank of Chengdu and Nanchong city commercial banks for "West Bank", but due to the complex ownership structure, local interests tend to differ, eventually not below. This again set up a provincial city firm, the restructuring plan is completely different from the previous. According to the Sichuan development (holding) at the end of last year, the company intends to set up a provincial bank, Sichuan Development Bank, implementation path: through a strategic stake in city commercial banks to increase their investment, its development will become directly controlled by the provincial government of the provincial local commercial bank; plans to 2020, Sichuan development bank assets amounted to 200 billion yuan above. However, the latest news, Sichuan provincial bank named "Bank of Sichuan". Extended reading: accused of taking bribes 12 million 895 thousand and 600 yuan Deyang Commercial Bank of the former governor Li Qi case today in Mianyang cracked cotton trial violations of civil case is out of the ghost Bank (Figure) Sichuan Banking Bank of East Asia even opened three ticket violation fined 1 million 100 thousand citizens of Mianyang, a 50 yuan note three wrong bank: this rare old Neijiang encounter telephone fraud. The bank on the spot nosy reporter was informed that the formation of the "Sichuan bank" the major shareholder of the Sichuan SASAC’s investment and financing platform of Sichuan development (holding), the company was set up in January 2009, the registered capital of 80 billion yuan. But in the reorganization of the subject, on the one hand, the development of Sichuan (Holdings) has been with the Liangshan Commission, the state government signed a strategic stake in Liangshan commercial bank cooperation agreement, Sichuan Investment Development Company Limited has been approved earlier this month to shares, up 19% stake, the company by the Sichuan Development (holding) comprehensive performance the responsibilities of investors; on the other hand, the development of Sichuan (Holdings) in negotiations with the Panzhihua municipal government strategic stake in Panzhihua City Commercial Bank, so the Bank of Sichuan finally group has yet to be determined. From a national perspective, currently only Xinjiang, Sichuan and other provinces and municipalities do not have a provincial city firm or national joint-stock banks. Data show that there are as many as 13 Sichuan City firm, the country has the largest city firm legal license provinces, but the strength is generally weak. And scattered around the city firm, not only the scale is generally small, customers, business area is basically limited in around the city, which makes it in the face of province or city commercial joint-stock banks is not competitive; in addition, due to the shortage of capital city firm, prone to the problem of high loan concentration is not. To support local economic construction. Therefore, it is reasonable and necessary to construct the first provincial legal person bank in Sichuan province. On the other provincial state-owned banks to build experience, domestic Mao相关的主题文章: