Chengdu release network about car rules the driver must have a residence permit or residence in Chen caxa实体设计

Chengdu release about the car driver details: must have Chengdu domicile or residence permit Sina Francisco October 14th afternoon, Chengdu issued the "Chengdu online booking taxi business service management regulations" (draft). Provisions of the network about the driver of the car must have a permanent residence in Chengdu or Chengdu residence permit; vehicles for local licenses, the exhaust is not less than 1.6L or 1.4T, encourage the use of new energy vehicles. The following excerpt details: ninth to be engaged in the network about cars to operate a vehicle in our city, shall meet the following conditions: (a) by the public security department for registration, the nature of the use of booking rental passenger from Chengdu (Sichuan A license plate) 7 and the following passenger car; (two) the vehicle exhaust amount is not less than 1.6L or 1.4T and encourage the use of new energy vehicles; (three) with the installation of vehicle driving record function of satellite positioning device, emergency alarm device, encourage the use of domestic satellite navigation and positioning system; (four) according to government supervision platform access technical requirements, the relevant data of vehicle satellite positioning device direct access to government supervision platform, realize real-time data sharing; (five) the body shall not be painted, special pattern, auto cruise rental installation; (six) the vehicle operation safety standard with technical performance Quasi requirement. Eleventh drivers in the city in the net about car service, shall meet the following conditions: (a) with Chengdu Hukou or "Chengdu residence permit"; (two) to obtain the corresponding quasi driving type motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years of driving experience; (three) no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving no record, no driving after drinking drug records, records of the recent 3 consecutive scoring cycle no record of 12 points records; (four) no record of violence; (five) within the last 5 years the city has not been revoked parade car qualification record, within the last 5 years, I have not been investigated in counterfeit parade vehicle operations and other illegal passenger business records. (six) health; (seven) other conditions prescribed by laws, regulations and rules.相关的主题文章: