Fujian raised the basic pensions of retirees in place before the September 30th Reissue jcuv是什么车

Fujian raised the basic pensions of retirees in September 30th before the Fujian provincial government in place before the date of replacement issued a notice, decided that from January 1, 2016, the basic pension adjustment of enterprises and institutions retirees, overall adjustment level in accordance with the December 2015 average monthly basic pension for retirees about 6.5% to determine the basic pension in September 30th before the new replacement in place on time. This adjustment range before December 31, 2015 have been required for retirement (resigned) retirement procedures and receive a monthly basic pension, take a fixed adjustment, hook adjustment and proper tilt combined approach. Specific criteria: in adjusting quota increase, enterprise retirees according to provincial level within the December 2015 level of 1.66% per capita pension adjustment, institutions retirees according to the scope of the planning area in December 2015 1.5% to adjust the level of per capita pension. Hook in the adjustment part, and my basic pension linked part, issued on December 2015 I standard basic pension 4% adjustment increase; and the retirees linked the payment period, may increase the standard period by retirees pay every year to 1 yuan. The cumulative number of months after the payment period is less than 6 months, according to half a year; more than 7 months, less than 1 years, according to the calculation of the year. In the appropriate part of the tilt, the notice clearly, from January 1, 2015 to December 31st to reach the age of 70 years of enterprise retirees, in this fixed adjustment, the basis of the adjustment on the basis of the additional 40 yuan per person per month. On December 31, 2015 to reach or exceed 70 years old retired institutions and institutions, in this quota adjustment, the basis of the hook to adjust the amount of $40 per person per month. On December 31, 2015 before the retirement procedures of enterprise demobilized cadres, the basic pension in December 2015 less than 2200 yuan, up to 2200 yuan, to participate in the basic pension adjustment. (reporter Pan Yuanyuan) >相关的主题文章: