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Wu Xinxue PA show beautiful French property line Amelie –   entertainment Sohu; Sohu Wu Xin entertainment news this week "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) ushered in the tenth war fashion — adorable pet theme. In the parent-child theme show, the goddess Wu Xin teamed designer partner has shown some pet concept. This week the goddess designer partner Liu Sicong is the perfect interpretation of the devil’s adorable pet fashion works. Not only the shape of the goddess of great change, but also show up in french. Won the "last week, the successful counter attack the lucky star" after the fashion show Wu Xin will continue to work together to complete the adorable pet theme partner Liu Sicong. To taste the two high-tech "sweet child" this week will be integrated into the electronic pet pet of the light emitting elements, "new clothes". Through mobile phone APP control, you can cast a text pattern on the clothes. This magical high-tech has also been regarded as "buyers confession artifact". In order to better interpret the works, the goddess is also well prepared, other big change. Cute BOBO I also let hair goddess lovely, and a white light collocation sweater and Baseball Jacket, very lovely. Not only in appearance with a powerful change, the goddess for the first time in "my new clothes" on the stage of a big show of french. In the first stage show, the goddess will read in French "rose life" in a speech. Only a beam of light on the goddess who also added a lot of the meaning of the protagonist. This not only makes the French monologue fans scream, even the host Lin also more than praise. Goddess has said that in order to present the perfect stage effect, they have to practice in advance. This is the French Kebanchushen Wu Xin "Curve Wrecker attribute" on-line and be not of the common sort competing buyers, this series of works of the goddess. Once again challenge the fashion of science and technology Wu Xin can take advantage of the ten phase of the "lucky star"? A buyer can also be the goddess of the work in the bag? Please look forward to this Saturday at 10 pm Eastern TV, "my new clothes" surprise for you.相关的主题文章: