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Playa del Carmen offers as one of many benefits not only to the most beautiful beaches in the world, but also proximity to some of the most beautiful natural areas to be found, such as a the Sian Ka’an biosphere preserve – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and the cenotes, which are access points to an underground pool and river system, where visitors and residents alike enjoy swimming and snorkelling. Many real estate developments near Playa del Carmen have also included the natural setting in their design to improve both visual and recreational value of the area. For this reason, the protection of Playa de Carmen’s natural surroundings is an important effort in which both the government, the hotel industry and developers are actively participating. The efforts to preserve Playa del Carmen as naturally diverse and appealing real estate destination are taking place on various levels, including the federal government. The federal representative for the state of Quintana Roo, Roberto Borge, has stated that having an system of urban planning and land use is essential in taking steps towards consolidation of balanced, orderly and sustainable tourism and real estate destinations in Quintana Roo, referring to the various initiatives from the Ministry of Environment and the Committee on the Environment that Congress will study. The most important are changes to the General Law of Environmental Balance and Protection and Integrated Waste Management and prevention, seeking to implement measures for sustainable development, promoting tourism, creating better ways to treat waste, improve roads, addressing environmental issues and promoting sustainable growth at the same time. Borge supports a system which protects the environment without slowing the development; this is the "best of both worlds" for real estate since it protects the beautiful, natural surroundings which are part of what attracts us to live in Playa del Carmen, while allowing development to progress without obstacles. The effort, however, is not only a question of politics and laws. The hotels of Playa del Carmen and the surrounding area, "Riviera Maya," are also making a notable effort to support the environment. Numerous Playa del Carmen developments are included within, or as a part of larger resort/hotel developments, such as in the el Cielo community , which includes a hotel development on the beachside of the property, and Puerto Aventuras which offers marina properties as a part of the resort community. The effort of these hotels and resorts to protect the environment directly benefits both potential buyers for those areas, and generally benefits the entire Playa del Carmen community. One of the efforts made from the side of the hotel is MARTI, an initiative of the Association of Hotels of the Riviera Maya (AHRM), Friends of Sian Ka’an, Conservation International, and the Coral Reef Alliance. MARTI is an initiative to implement environmental management systems and good environmental practices for hotel operations. 19 hotels and resorts participated in the first convention of MARTI. MARTI promotes the planning, design and construction of future sustainable tourism development in Quintana Roo. The initiative will implement an Environmental Management System (EMS), which integrates sound environmental practices into daily operations with the goal of the conscious use of energy, water and other resources through improved processes and participation of all partners. Jesus Martin Medina, director of Tourism in Playa del Carmen said that this action demonstrates the leadership of the area’s hotel sector. He also stressed that the premise of the current municipal administration is to build a sustainable destination, where investment and environmental care go hand in hand. At the moment, 61 hotels have joined the MARTI initiative, with a total of 21 thousand 600 rooms which corresponds to 65% of the hotels in the Riviera Maya Hotel Association. Another effort on the side of the hotels was demonstrated at the First Symposium on Organic Waste Composting at hotels in the Riviera Maya. The symposium was held in Hotel Royal Porto Real and included 15 hotels from the Riviera Maya. Playa del Carmen’s mayor noted that conventions such as this one are an indication of the responsibility of the hotel sector and the municipal government for the environment. The convention promoted use of compost to reduce waste costs and generate natural fertilizers which can create healthier green areas. Playa del Carmen real estate enjoys the benefits of an area which is at the forefront of environmentally sustainable tourism development. These practices will make buying and living in Playa del Carmen continue to be one of the most attractive options, and for the future will also help to add the value of properties here both as a great place to live, and for the purpose of re-selling. TOPMexicoRealEstate NETWORK; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely About the Author: 相关的主题文章: