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Travel-and-Leisure You will find plenty of things worth to be seen in Bolivia. This country located in South America delivers rather incredible possibility for a fantastic vacation. Hotels in Bolivia provide amazing opportunities for high standard accommodation. Here is a list of the most exciting cities in Bolivia disposing essentially the most charming Bolivia hotels . 1.La Paz- Located at an elevation of 3,660 meters, La Paz is the world’s highest capital city. The area is like a Lunar Panorama. It is also one of the most poorest cities in South America, but culturally diverse. The city is known for its market places, and for its proximity to numerous ruins and natural sites. Note that because it is so far up at the Andes that it may be hard to breathe! 2.Uyuni- Uyuni has some nice flamingos and salt flats, plus a decent variety of travelers making their way through Bolivia stop by Uyuni to check them out. The most well-liked attraction in Uyuni is the Salar de Uyuni. 3.Sucre- Sucre attracts its fair share of travelers, most of whom go to visit the Museo Arte Indgina and enjoy Sucre’s museums and cultural museums. 4.Copacabana- Copacabana attracts only a small number of travelers, who generally stop for a visit to see the Isla del Sol. In any other case those traveling through the area generally go to the more popular destinations such as La Paz. 5.Potosi- At an elevation of 4,090 meters (13,420 feet), Potosi claims to be the highest city in the world. It is situated below Cerro de Potosi ("Rich Mountain") a mountain believed to be made of silver. The abundant silver deposits within Cerro de Potosi are the reason for Potosi’s importance in the history of the Spanish Empire. These days it’s possible to go on mine tours to see what the conditions were like for the miners. 6.Cochabamba- Cochabamba attracts a decent number of travelers visiting Bolivia, and it can be worth stopping by if you’re traveling through the area. Most travelers go to check out the Cochabamba and enjoy Cochabamba’s hiking and monuments. So if you decide to spend your holiday in Bolivia you will have a lot of possibilities to travel around the country, not only to stay in your room in your hotel in Bolivia . About the Author: Why Shimla And Manali Are Considered Great Honeymoon Destinations By: Dayindelhi – Sentimental special nights don’t simply happen; you have to arrange them precisely. Also, since a wedding trip visit is dependably the primary huge choice that you take as a couple, it should be completely inconvenience free. 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