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Domain-Names Domain Names is serious business these days. Days are Gone where computer technologists or enthusiasts are known as geeks. Unfashionable with thick glasses! Computers, and more importantly the World Wide Web is where the money is today. Everything we do today revolves around the use of the Internet. Be it booking a holiday, choosing a new car, or, even doing the weekly shop. So it is no doubt that people have hopped on board this ever increasingly large business, in order to make money. One great way to make money from the Internet is with the art of selecting right Domain Names. For those of us less accustomed to the net and how it function, domaining is the process of buying and selling domain names, or in layman’s terms, a piece of Internet space. A domain name allows us to find information we need on the World Wide Web, through search engine optimization. A domain name is different from a URL, as a URL leads us straight to one page, not a whole website. So how can domaining work for you? The answer is quite simple. With 1,800,000 Australian domain names has been already registered in Australia, you can see that domaining really is big business, and a professional domainer will have thousands of domain names in his or her portfolio, watching closely for movements in popularity, rather like the stock exchange, and therefore knowing exactly the prime moment to release or sell the domain name. A professional domainer can recognize which names are worth more money, and in this business, the more you pay for a name, the more you will gain on resale. You can even optimize cheapest domain name that you have in your portfolio by opening a simple word press page and filling it with affiliate advertising, this allowing you an extra income while you wait for the opportune moment to sell. So now really is the time to cast aside all those doubts and talk that only geeks and unpopular school boys with glasses should enjoy computers. There is serious money to be made in domaining, so don’t delay, start domaining today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: