its popularity as the first Indian superhero 鳄鱼将男子拖入水 上海现双胞胎豪车

Movies-TV It was the beginning of the 80s when "Doordarshan" started with different varieties of Indian shows this included family dramas, shows on martyrdom and even serials that were made for kids. Children do not understand the nature or the content of a drama but jump from their bed if they see fictitious characters that can fly, dodge a bullet or can throw the bad elements right to the sky. The Desi TV programs made on such characters are highly acknowledged by the kids and also influenced them in many ways. Children always stayed awake till late night and always waited for the weekends to enjoy their favorite cartoon characters."Doordarshan" was the first TV channel that targeted children and brought programs that were based on puppet shows and comic characters. Although, the contents or the stories were similar to that of the drama shows, but they were bit twisted, adding fantasy in them. Shows on cartoon characters such as "He-Man" and "Superman" were highly enjoyed within the kids, although they were limited on the screen. Another, TV program that gained huge popularity was the "Magudi Days" which comprised of short stories and spanned for not more than half an hour on the television. The serial also gained its popularity within the adults while kids enjoyed certain scenes that telegraphed humor acts. But this was not enough for kids as well as for the serial makers, as they went a step forward and created the most anticipated show ever. "Shaktimaan" was a cartoon character that was launched on 13th September 1997, driving the kids crazy. Although, "Shaktimaan" was directly lifted from "Superman" while certain characters resembled or were inspired from the "Superman’s" stories, but kids were influenced more on the former character. Since, its popularity as the first Indian superhero, the show is aired in many south Asian channels namely "Chutti TV" which is a Tamil Channel . Similar, to its predecessor many TV channels has started to introduce shows such as"Son Pari", "Chacha Chaudhary" which are either based on fantasy or directly lifted from some comic books. No matter, whatever maybe the serial’s contents, kids have always appreciated the shows that were usually made for them. The TV programs have been a source of entertainment and shows especially made for kids have been highly appreciated within the adults. No doubt, the shows have managed to entice the adolescence while the makers for such TV serial have profited. It’s been a different approach and along with other desi TV programs the kid’s shows have also managed to create a different genre within the adult community. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: