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College-University Paying for college can seem impossible these days. Even the state schools are difficult to afford for many families dealing with job loss and multiple children. Luckily, there are a wide range of scholarships that cover so many populations, interests, ethnic groups and majors. There are also lots of scholarships from corporations and some bizarre ones that not too many people know about. For instance,the odd group includes one for wearing duct tape to the prom at school. Here are a few scholarship funds to look at and see if they may fit your situation: 1) If your education for college was disrupted or unable to begin due to dealing with a life-threatening disease or cancer, the Patient Advocate Foundation may be able to help. You’ll need information from your doctor. The award is applicable to both two and four year school programs. The requirements include going full-time, doing community service for at least 20 hours a year and keeping a 3.0 grade point. The organization is located in Newport News in Virginia. 2) If you were in a foster home or grew up without being adopted and are eighteen years old, there is an award from the Orpah Foundation of America in Reston, Virginia. They offer over three hundred scholarships and it can be used at undergrad schools as well as trade schools. You need to be a United States citizen. This award can also be renewed. In addition to these scholarships there are many available for merit, leadership abilities, athletic performance, artistic talent and even being a left handed person. Don’t think you can’t get money as there are books that cover over four hundred thousand grants and you can also find a lot of information on the web. You don’t need to pay for this, but instead take the time to research it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: