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Generate Meaningful Content With Automated Translation Technology By: brianwarren | Nov 29th 2012 – The social web has expanded in a huge way today with users expecting instant communications in their native languages. This challenging communication and networking dynamics is gradually compelling organizations to address multiple kinds of communication modalities. Tags: Instant Translation Solution For Seamless Multilingual Communication By: brianwarren | Nov 22nd 2012 – Technological innovations over the years have provided business enterprises with an array of tools for collaborating over widely networked global workspace. The emergence of email, instant messaging, blogs, video conferencing and social media has made information availability easy. Tags: Automotive Language Technologies Empowering The Automotive Industry By: brianwarren | Nov 7th 2012 – The automotive industry has expanded their market globally by producing original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket parts in Europe and Asia. The ever-changing need and increased demand for environment friendly, high-quality vehicles are a result of widespread use of the Internet and a result of people becoming more qu … Tags: Translation Management Systems-accelerates Content Localization By: brianwarren | Oct 31st 2012 – Translation is defined by Wikipedia as, "��the method of communicating the meaning of a source-language text into an equivalent target-language text."�� The word "��translation"�� is derived from the Latin translatio that means "to carry across" or "to bring across"��. Tags: 相关的主题文章: