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Travel-and-Leisure Orlando Vacation: Places to Visit for Nature Lovers Orlando is not just identified for its world class tourist spots but it also provides many natural attractions where travelers can explore. Directly located in central Florida, Orlando has the great advantage of being home to both beautiful natural surroundings as well as fantastic waters on each side. The amazing milieu of Orlando has resulted to provide lots of places to go and activities to do during your Orlando vacation. The Lake Eola Parks entrance is free of charge and it is regarded as the downtown Orlando centerpiece that has 43 acres for guests to explore and recreate and among these are fountains, a pathway for walking, playgrounds, and swans to feed as well as swan-shaped row boats and gondolas. Another spot that is free to visit where you can hike is Ocala National Forest, which is a wonderful place to enjoy Floridas nature as it offers vacationers the view of hardwood forests, swamps, prairies, and refreshing springs. Furthermore, the Kelly Park is another spot that provides more than 248 acres of outdoor enjoyment and exhilaration such as rock climbing and water sports like tubing at its crystal clear spring. Exploring the Top Seven Attraction Spots During Your Orlando Vacation There are plenty of tourist spots sited in Orlando and its top seven attractions include Disney World, Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom Park, Sea World, Discovery Cove, and Wet n Wild Park. Disney world provides great happiness when you visit there as it offers seven various lands full of rides that make your hearts beat faster as well as celebrity characters. Those vacationers who want to experience to be part of the future may take advantage of the Epcot Center because it has futuristic theme park furnished with exciting contemporary rides and tractions. Hollywood Studios is best suited for those who want to feel as though they’re in some of the most exciting movies of all time. The nature and animal enthusiasts who desire to see animals in their natural habitats can go to the Animal Kingdom Park. Sea World can be toured by any traveler yet it is best enjoyed by those who wish to watch dolphins, penguins, whales, sting rays, and sharks. Discovery Cove is the ideal location for a dolphin lover where you will have a chance to swim with them. Lastly, Wet ‘n Wild Water Park is for people who love to stay wet while having fun in the sun. Experiencing Theme Parks That Are Newly Opened During Your Orlando Getaway Orlandos theme parks and other tourist attractions are constantly working to change, upgrade and improve their facilities in order to keep up with their competitors. This ever rising competition has resulted ordinary tourist to be its recipient because the place makes it a point that travelers will get their most memorably perfect Orlando vacation so there has been lots of parks each year having additional new sections and rides. There has been an important restoration of the Cypress Gardens Adventure Park which has improved its features like having new water park and special exhibit emphasizing the history of the beautiful gardens and adventure park. The animal and ride areas of the park have also been upgraded, it was installed with new rides that kids will surely love. Another new park is the International Heli-Tours, which just opened recently and offers aerial trips to the whole place including Kissimmee, Orlando, the Universal Resort, and the Disney Resort. They also make specialty tours which include celebrity house sightings, fireworks viewing and alligator searches that are priced at $25 and up. Orlando vacation: Walt Disney World Resorts Your escapade resorts for your Orlando vacation will be of no shortage as the place provides you with a wonderful climate and lots of places to tour like the Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and marvelous golf courses. The biggest problem that you will encounter is selecting one from the several choices available that assures to provide you the perfect escapade at the most reasonable price. There resorts are located all throughout the city so it is beneficial to stay at a Disney Resort as it offers many benefits like transportation to and from your hotel to all of the wonderful theme parks of Disney. The Universal Studios that is found at Orlando, Florida may not give the kind of luxury that Disney does but there are still lots of hotels and resorts in the place that assure first class lodging and quality service. The Hard Rock Hotel and Resort is one example of these great places which offers vacationers the rock star treatment with deluxe hotel rooms and a refreshing swimming pool that is palm-lined while guests can enjoy the music playing. Another is the Royal Pacific Hotel and Resort, which is truly a tropical paradise with its relaxing ambiance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: