Unlike Colin Montgomerie Do You Enjoy Your Golf And Share That Enjoyment 坚强妈妈顺产宝宝 邓紫棋被歌迷求婚

Golf Do you enjoy your golf and do the people around you share your enjoyment for golf? I suspect some of you are thinking, "This golf psychologist guy is barmy to ask that question. Doesn’t everybody enjoy their golf?" Then again I suspect that when you really think about it, more of you are thinking the opposite. What about the top professional golfers? These are the men and women who have the sorts of swings we mere golfing mortals dream of having. They also hole a lot more puts than many of us and they have access to the top coaches and golf psychologists whenever they need help. What about financial security? Well, unless they have serious behavioural problems, they have more than enough money stashed away and the prospect of earning and winning more. So, do the professionals enjoy their golf? Well clearly some do and clearly some don’t – a picture of Colin Montgomerie just zoomed into focus in my mind’s eye. No, he doesn’t look like he’s enjoying himself, whatever he’s saying to the press recently. And what about the people around him? His playing partners all cringe and look away, his caddy appears to hide behind the bag and the spectators feel uncomfortable – apart from the ones who enjoy watching his discomfort. So what about you and your golfing friends? I know that there have been times in the past when I’ve been very unhappy on the course and I suspect I have impacted the enjoyment of some of my playing partners – thinking about it, I know I have, because a couple of them have told me about it. Now I’ve devoted a huge part of my life to playing and improving my golf over the last 40 years. Even at one round per week, that would be 2,000 rounds or 36,000 holes and it would have taken at least 55,000 hours at 3 hours and 45 minutes per round. And then there’s all that practice, lessons, reading books and playing CDs and DVDs. And of course, there’s the 19th hole to consider as well. I wonder how much of that time I really enjoyed. At least it’s probably more than Monty has! I’ll be writing more about this issue of golf enjoyment and how you can enjoy your golf more in a in a future article, so I’ll leave you for now with one of my many favourite quotes from Bob Hope: "I get upset over a bad shot just like anyone else. But it’s silly to let the game get to you. When I miss a shot I just think what a beautiful day it is. And what pure fresh air I’m breathing. Then I take a deep breath. I have to do that. That’s what gives me the strength to break the club." 相关的主题文章: