Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister visa free measures last year, driven by a million passengers in Chi 女子酒后跳河轻生 贵州河滩现怪脚印

: "through the efforts of the main Ahmad Zahid tourist season, the lunar new year period, and by the end of summer holidays to attract tourists to china." (Ma Xin)

China Overseas Chinese network January 12, according to Ma Xin news agency reported that since the Malaysia government in March 2016 to introduce Chinese tourists to Malaysia visa and visa facilitation, the number of Chinese tourists to Malaysia Tourism surge.

Deputy Prime Minister

pointed out that from March 2016 to December, the number of people applying for entry from China is 2 million 200 thousand, while in the same period in 2015 only about 1 million 200 thousand people.

said that in 2015, only 1 million 700 thousand Chinese tourists to Malaysia, including the Chinese people abroad, and they are spending about 5 billion 700 million ringgit in Malaysia, an average of about 3500 ringgit.

will continue to work hard to attract visitors to our country through 3 major tourist seasons, the lunar new year period, the summer holiday and the end of the holiday season."

Ahmad Zahid pointed out that the Ministry of culture and tourism has great space to attract more tourists to Malaysia Chinese.

in addition, he pointed out that the immigration data show that many Chinese tourists to Malaysia is a form of family travel, more than the number of visas to stay very few.

he also asked the Ministry of tourism to encourage more charter flights to Malaysia, after all, there are many Chinese cities without flights to malaysia.

said that Labuan will be built as a new tourist destination, as well as the entry of Chinese tourists into Sabah and Sarawak states.

Ahmad Zahid mentioned, as the president of tourism cabinet committee, he will ask the Ministry of tourism promotion and increase advertising appropriation, and days after the announced details.