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2016WPT Chinese race in the first ticket to decide that you win! 2016WPT Chinese qualifying tournament in Hongkong sina sports news on August 31st, "2016WPT China qualifying Hongkong special tournament held at the Marriott in Hongkong, hundreds of people gathered in the elite, after several hours of intense fighting, Mr. Zhao from Hongkong poker association to win the final victory, the first 2016WPT China match main event tickets in the bag! WPT chairman Adam scene for Mr. Zhao issued this memorable first 2016WPT China tournament tickets. Adam Mr. Zhao issued 2016WPT Chinese match main event tickets Royal Flush Girls and 2016WPT Chinese photo of Mr. Zhao tournament is scheduled for October 28th November 3rd held in Hainan, Sanya, with 888 and the number, the total reward of up to 8 million 880 thousand. The event also coincides with the five anniversary of the WPT match will be added China milepost, large play offs "in parallel with the main game WPT Chinese game five Anniversary Tour" special, will also bring the "beauty and the beast" and "All Star Game Hunter" rich theme of additional events, not to be missed. 2016WPT Chinese match schedule at present, 2016WPT China race online audition is the only tournament selection online platform "OurGame poker world" hot in. 2016WPT China race online audition schedule on "OurGame poker world", in the 2016WPT China race online qualifier, you win tickets! Tips: WPT (World Poker Tour) – "World Poker Tour" was founded in 2002, is one of the top international poker tournament, with races in more than and 70 countries and regions worldwide, with a high reputation and wide influence. China (Sanya) WPT Chinese Poker Championship Tournament (WPT National China), WPT China tournament, authoritative event brand, standardized event rules, professional referees and the world famous competitive poker player in this game makes the WPT Chinese international standard and the Asian region Chinese poker events become competitive poker the events of the benchmark.相关的主题文章: